Black Wedding Dresses - For The Dramatic Bride

Black Wedding Dresses - For The Dramatic Bride

For the absolutely magnificently unconventional bride that wants something more than white.

custom black wedding dresses dressmaker perth australia online

Dramatic, luxurious and incredibly breathe taking black wedding dress. 

Black Wedding Dresses

White wedding dresses...traditional and symbolizes the bridal culture for centuries.

Black wedding dresses...bold, unconventional and a questionable colour choice?

No, not really.

Black is not the usual colour of choice for many brides, but that's what makes it so special. The unique qualities of a black wedding dress mean that not every bride has one, and the colour can make for an unforgettable moment on your special day.

What better way to make your big day memorable than with a black wedding dress? A symbol of elegance and glamour, the colour speaks volumes about what you want on this special occasion: Bold Memorable. Unique.

Why White Wedding Gowns Became The Norm

The dark of black were once the most popular colours for a wedding dress. This is because these shades symbolized wealth, luxury, power - all things that brides aspire to have on their special day. Furthermore, black is a colour that has been used for centuries to symbolize elegance and style. It's no surprise then, why this hue was so popular in wedding dresses just as much - if not more than other colours throughout history.

It is said that all changed when Queen Victoria picked a bright white dress for her wedding day in 1840. From there, wealthy men insisted their bride-to wear only the finest fabric and lace with no expense spared on show; this became not just an act of pride but also one way they could distinguish themselves from other members within society who did not have such wealth or position.

From then on it became common for a bride-to be dresses to be in one colour – pure white, thereby establishing and became part of bridal culture in the western society.

But now, we’re in the 21st century and wearing white on your wedding day has been a tradition that many brides have stepped away from, entering the world of colour once again – especially picking black for their wedding dress.

What Does A Black Wedding Dress Mean?

  • Elegance – Black is effortless, glam and suits almost everyone. It is classy and elegant all in one and a black wedding gown will only be ever so elegant and super stunning.
  • Power – Black is often associated with the meaning of power. In a world where purity and significance are associated with the white colour, black can be seen as powerful. The way it is displayed you on your wedding day will leave an impression for years to come - one that says "I was confident enough in myself.”
  • Mystery – The colour black is a symbol of mystery and intrigue, one that captures your imagination with its dark depths.
  • Death – Black is an intense colour that strikes fear into the hearts of many. It’s significance is often a symbol for death and mourning and often associated with negativity. That said, if you’re a bride that is not bothered by traditional beliefs, hats off to you to choose a black wedding gown!

So You Are Thinking About A Black Wedding Dress - But Is It Appropriate?

Picking a black wedding dress to wear on your special day is not just okay, it’s the right thing. You are going out there in front of everyone – your family and friends and making a statement about who YOU truly ARE so why shouldn’t this be something that reflects how proud or excited we feel on your most special day?

A black wedding gown may not be appropriate for every situation – especially if it is important to consider the acceptance of the black colour on your wedding day if you have certain family obligations which require adhering to. As such, if you are bound by family or cultural traditions, then a black wedding gown may not be the right choice.

But...if your wedding is modern, more liberal and open to your self-expression then your dream black wedding dress awaits you, ready for the wedding of your dreams! So if this is the case, go ahead and wear a black wedding dress and be confident expressing yourself in the most amazing way.

Black Wedding Dress Inspiration

You probably have done your fair share of googling and searching online for dress inspiration of your black wedding gown.

A gorgeous black wedding dress which we picked to showcase is Netflix's Selling Sunset reality figure, Christine Quinn's wedding dress. Her custom made black wedding dress was designed by Galia Lahav.

The dress was a truly one of a kind with it's off shoulder, sheer corseted style bodice, shimmery details, black roses embroidered from the top all the way down through the tulle princess ball gown skirt.

The bride's wedding ceremony was a Gothic winter wonderland in all white with a reception that had a red theme. On her own bold personality about her wedding and choice of a black bridal gown; "I never conformed to the status quo or societal expectations. I’ve always enjoyed being bold, different and trendsetting. I’ve always wanted to get married in a black wedding dress, and I’m so happy that my dream came true."

"Christine knew that she desired something unique and dramatic; she was very enthusiastic about a custom dress that would be totally unique," Galia stated.

Christine Quinn custom black wedding dress

The showstopping bride: Christine Quinn's custom made black wedding gown is by Israeli based bridal designer Galia Lahav.

christine quinn custom black wedding gown

A non traditional choice - yet absolutely stunning.

custom black bridal gowns perth australia

 A gown of a lifetime - a black wedding dress.

custom black bridal dresses australia custom made christine quinn

"I’ve always wanted to get married in a black wedding dress, and I’m so happy that my dream came true." - Christine Quinn

custom black wedding dress custom made perth australia designer

The modern and unconventional blushing bride.

christine quinn second black wedding dress custom made

The bride had a change of wedding after her statement making ceremony dress. She changed into another and her second change black wedding dress.

More Black Wedding Dress Inspirations

Goth black wedding dresses custom made perth australia

Photo source: Google

black lace wedding dresses custom made perth australia

Photo source: Pinterest

long sleeve black wedding dresses perth australia

Photo source: Pinterest

princess black wedding dresses perth australia custom made

Photo source: Google

If you weren't convinced about a black wedding dress, have these photos of a gorgeous black wedding gown that has been custom made specially for the bride  convinced you? 

Where Can I Buy A Black Wedding Dress?

Of course, it's not always easy to find your perfect dress at a bridal store that doesn't carry the colour you want. The process of finding a wedding dress can be overwhelming, especially if you're looking for something different from what everyone else is wearing. The task of finding a black bridal gown amidst the sea of white wedding dresses at traditional stores is described as somewhat impossible.

There's no need to suffer through the pain of trying on white weddings when you can have something that is truly your own. The process for finding and buying a black wedding dress isn't much different than traditional white, but of course you have to find a store or dressmaker that will be able to be able to assist you with your unique choice.

Wedding dresses are a once-in lifetime experience, so you should that perfect that you have been dreaming about. We are a bridal store in Perth that specializes in creating the kind of wedding dresses you simply can’t get anywhere else in store.

Want a black lace wedding dress?

Perhaps black tulle with lots of crystal beading, or simply a gorgeously minimalistic black gown.

All of our wedding gowns (our own collection as well as each unique custom made bridal gowns) are each individually handmade from start to finish by our highly experienced dressmakers.

If you are a local Perth bride, feel free to reach out to us to arrange for an in store appointment. If you are a regional, interstate or even an international bride, we are always happy to assist you remotely.

The most special day of your life is finally here. That's why we make sure that no detail gets missed when creating a breathtaking dress for you to wear on this incredible occasion. Whatever it is that you have in mind, reach out to us!

We can bring your vision of a magical black wedding gown to life with our custom made wedding dress making service.

A perfect match made in heaven - our team will help turn your ideas into reality and guarantee it'll be the talk even after your wedding day!

If you like what you see and want to take the first step to getting your dream black wedding gown, we're here and ready to help!

Let’s get started...don’t leave your dress dreams a dream...get in touch with us now.

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