About Us

How It Started

Hi there! I'm Yen, the founder of Envious Bridal & Formal.

Our focus and specialties are custom, bespoke wedding dresses and formal gowns that serve to the unique visions of brides for their special day.

My personal journey as a bride inspired the conception of Envious Bridal & Formal which all began when I embarked on a search to find the perfect wedding gown. After months of unwavering determination and countless searches, a sense of disappointment started to set in.

While each Perth bridal boutique I visited showcased a beautiful range of bridal gowns, none quite resonated with what I had envisioned. Despite my relatively straightforward preferences, finding the wedding dress that truly embodied "me" proved to be a challenging feat. Many of the available wedding dresses seemed to follow a standardized design and the option for customization was hard to come by.

Fuelled by a growing sense of frustration, I decided to take control and set out on a creative wedding dress adventure. A trip abroad brought me into a partnership with a skilled dressmaker and ultimately brought my envisioned gown to life. The result left me brimming with exhilaration and the experience of seeing my decision evolve into the final creation of a custom-made wedding dress brought me an overwhelming sense of joy and satisfaction.

Following my own wedding dress search experience, it occurred to me – I couldn't be the only bride grappling with this kind of challenge, could I?

My aspiration was for brides to transform their wedding dress dreams into reality – to get their perfect wedding gown for the most momentous day of their lives.

With this vision in mind, I founded Envious Bridal & Formal, driven by the mission of creating a haven for brides in search of customized wedding dress creations. Whether you're a bride that aspires to bring your dress ideas to life or whether you’re a bride encountering distinct obstacles in your quest to find your perfect wedding dress, we’re here to provide tailored solutions to make your bridal journey exceptional.

How We Work

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding gown, the search journey can at times be overwhelming. For some brides, this experience can be a blend of uncertainty and apprehension as they come across challenges in getting what they want, which may include bridal processes being inflexible which sometimes leading them to either make compromises or settle with their chosen gown.

At Envious Bridal & Formal we are dedicated to changing the tendency of compromising and, instead, providing a tailored and flexible experience to brides. We believe that each bride has a distinctiveness and should have a special wedding gown that reflects her individual style and preferences.

We understand that this process is about more than just finding a dress - it's about finding your perfect match. And we are committed to being your partner in that journey.

Our mission is to establish a strong and open partnership with every bride, transforming her vision into tangible reality. Whether we're providing guidance to those with a clear plan or assisting those on the quest for their perfect wedding dress, our goal remains unwavering: each bride deserves a gown that radiates confidence and beauty on her most significant day. Our commitment revolves around transforming this cherished aspiration into a living, breathing reality.

Your needs are our top priority, and this encompasses providing you with all the essential details about our services and presenting the complete breakdown of costs from the very beginning. We hold the belief that this approach to conducting business is the most effective, and it reflects our dedication to being open and transparent, a quality that distinguishes us. You can be confident that you will have a clear understanding of exactly what your investment in your custom wedding dress entails.

Our dedication lies in assisting you to acquire an exceptionally stunning gown of the highest quality, unwavering in our commitment to excellence. The outcome is a fusion of our proficiency and your personalized vision, culminating in exquisite wedding dresses tailored exclusively for your special day.

Our dedication revolves around assisting you in acquiring an exceptionally stunning wedding gown of the highest quality. We offer you our expertise and provide you with the means to access exquisitely tailored wedding dresses that are customized for your special day.

Let Us Help You

Be inspired to try new styles that compliment your body.

Feel confident no matter what shape or size you are.

Get a gown custom made that is uniquely you.

Get luxury, bespoke quality at an affordable price.

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Welcome to the world of accessible, custom-made wedding dresses, MADE JUST FOR YOU.

We are super proud to announce as being voted the top 5 finalists in the "Bridal Gown Designer" category in 2019, a distinction presented upon us by the votes of the brides themselves. This esteemed recognition is graciously presented upon us by the brides themselves, reaffirming that our designs and craftsmanship transcend convention to become true work of art tailored to each individual bride we serve.

The journey of collaborating with a bride to discover the ideal gown for her momentous day brings me immense joy. Every bride's journey is unique – some have a clear vision, while others seek inspiration. Regardless, the process is consistently enjoyable.

The journey to the perfect dress...we're here to make it easy and fun for you!

In addition to connecting with new brides, managing bridal fittings, and tackling the forever long to-do list, my time is frequently dedicated to looking after my three young boys, reading, going to the gym, and occasionally succumbing to the guilty pleasure of online shopping.

I'm excited to connect with you and assist in turning your wedding gown dreams into reality!

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