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Gold Wedding Dresses For The Bride That Want To Shine

Go beyond traditional, make a truly ravishing statement on the most special and important day of your life – your wedding day with a gorgeously luxurious and enchanting gold wedding gown. 

The gold wedding dress exudes an incredibly luxurious and majestic aura


The traditional bridal gown colour choice is often white or ivory as it was deemed the rightful colour choice for a bride getting married. However, in recent times brides have embrace individualism, making a statement or simply just opting for a non-traditional wedding gown colour because it’s their favourite colour or just love the idea their special dress is truly unique.

Gold wedding dresses have risen in popularity with modern brides. This is due in part to its beautiful statement making ability, but also because there are extended options with fabrics and designs that can work fabulously together- a perfect match!

You are one unique and confident bride-to be. You love the idea of breaking away from convention, so why not make a memorable statement that expresses your true individuality? Gold may be an unexpected choice for many brides but it can truly make a dazzling wedding dress choice.

If you are considering a gold wedding dress for your special day, read on below.


What comes to mind when you think of gold?




Gold is a precious metal that is associated with wealth, grandeur, and prosperity, as well as sparkle, glitz, and glamour. The colour gold is cousin to the colour yellow and the colour brown, and is also associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom.

Gold is a colour that inspires both extravagance and abundance. Some brides like the idea of wearing their wedding dress in this luxurious, sparkling gold hue because it represents wealth to them

The epitome of affluence is symbolized in gold, but it can also mean a full enjoyment of life, with the brightness and happiness linked with yellow hues. Brides who favour gold can be seen as extravagant, but also wise and powerful.


If you have ever contemplated opting for a wedding dress in another colour other than white, go with what your heart truly wants! And if that is a gold wedding gown – by all means, go for gold!

custom made gold wedding gowns perth australia envious bridal & formal

Gold wedding gown- a uniquely beautiful creation just for the unique bride

There’s no hard rule that says it has to be white. Maybe, some beliefs would say so, but fashion, trends and brides stepping out from the traditional circle have started to overrule those notions.

White wedding dresses are a beautiful tradition, but if you're looking for something different and more refreshing then there's no reason not to go with gold.

The colour of luxury, gold is often used to create a wedding dress that stands out from all others. The way in which this incredible luxurious shade can be incorporated into your special day will leave you feeling like royalty.

If you want to make an unforgettable statement, you can go for an entire gold gown. If you feel you’d be more comfortable with subtle colour you can integrate gold elements into your dress such as gold trimmings, gold appliques, gold beading or gold embroidery on your gown.

You have a number of different options when it comes to picking out your perfect gold wedding gown. You can choose from many shades of gold and different fabrics that come together in unique ways for individual brides.

By contrast to the traditional white or ivory shades, there are much more varieties for shades of gold - from a super pale white gold to medium gold, dark gold, rose gold and right through to a copper gold hue. Whatever choice of gold you pick, it will look incredibly ravishing!

When deciding on a wedding dress, you will have to think about what type of fabric and style is most flattering for your body shape. For example: ball gowns with their regal demeanor have a wonderful effect of making a bride feel incredibly feminine with a royal essence. Adding gold to the mix will undoubtedly make your wedding gown truly unique to you and your preference.

That said, gold can look absolutely amazing in other dress silhouettes such as A line or a fitted mermaid style gold bridal gown.

Materials such as laces, silks, tulle or a combination of different materials can make that exceptional gold wedding dress stand out from all others in its class-unique to just you!


You have probably visited a couple of local bridal boutiques and have found that the store is filled exclusively with crisp white wedding gowns.

Gold wedding dresses are a rare find amongst the traditional white.

Finding a bridal boutique that stocks your preferred colour – particularly shades other than white - is not always easy. You have probably looked online to see your options and may still haven’t come across a store that can help you.

Getting your dream gold wedding dress doesn’t have to be an impossible feat because it’s not available in store for you to try on or pick from. The way in searching for and buying a coloured wedding dress is very similar to that of the traditional white wedding dress with a few different processes.

Below is our suggested process to get started with buying a gold wedding dress.

1. Dress style

Do you know what kind of dress silhouette you want or one that suits your body? For example, do you envision yourself in a regal style princess wedding gown or a glamorous fitted mermaid style? If you are unsure, it would be best if you can go try on a few different silhouettes to get an idea of what suits your body shape and what you like.

gold princess wedding gown perth australia online envious bridal & formal

Ball gowns or princess wedding gowns for the bride that desire a royal look

ball gown princess gold wedding dress perth australia online envious bridal & formal

Purely magical

gold mermaid wedding dresses australia online envious bridal & formal

Gold - a modern colour choice for the modern bride

custom made gold wedding gowns australia online envious bridal & formal

A golden moment for the bride-to-be

2. Research for custom dressmakers

It is important that you find a dressmaker who specializes in custom-made gowns.

If you want to have your gold wedding dress made by a local store, do some research on local dressmakers or bridal stores that specialize in custom made dresses that are able to make the gown for you.

Side note - price is one of the deciding factors in whether or not we go ahead with a particular store, but don't let it be your only consideration. Cheap doesn’t always mean best!

3. Research online for specialist dressmakers

If you had trouble finding a local store that can help - an online custom bridal dressmaker is just a few clicks away. Do a search in Google and it will show you all the local and online results of online bridal and custom dressmakers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them, tell them what you’re looking for and from there, they will be able to guide your through the process for making your custom gold wedding dress.

Seeking out an online custom bridal dressmaker is one of many ways that can make all aspects of shopping for and buying your gold wedding dress easier and more satisfying.

A tailor-made gown is made just for your body type means no stressful fittings or worrying about sizes - this way it matches every curve and one of the most important element – that beautiful gold colour as your heart desires.

If you are happy and confident to work with an online custom bridal dressmaker, the process should be relatively straightforward and they will be able to guide you through the custom made process for your wedding dress.

There are a few custom dressmakers out there, but once you find the perfect one that you’d like to work with - they will be right by your side. They'll work hard with every detail to make your dream gold bridal dress and ensure everything falls into place perfectly!

The right specialist understands how significant these choices can be when making such a momentous decision like choosing to custom make your wedding dress.

A professional custom dressmaker will know all the ins and outs so they will be able to help guide you through all of your decisions, from deciding on a style to ensuring that fit is just right for your body.  


If you’re looking for an unforgettable gold wedding dress, we can help. We are based in Perth (Australia) but don't let distance stop you from collaborating with us on your dream dress.

Our experienced dressmakers have been making memorable custom made dresses to fit every bodice and budget — so whether this is the first or fiftieth time a bride visits us should make no difference either way; we will be more than happy take care everything from going through design consultation to specific fabric sourcing to specialty colour dye process.

Every bride deserves an unforgettable wedding gown - so if you want something unique, beautiful and one-of-a kind then you are already very close in your journey being right here.  

We want every bride-to be feeling confident about selecting their dream dress from our store; we are more than happy to help you anywhere in Australia. Whether it's via phone, Skype or email - just let us know what's best for your situation and we'll get back with an option that works.

If you are an international bride, we are also more than happy to assist you remotely.

However, if you are a local Perth bride, get in touch with us for an in person meeting to discuss your vision, requirements and moving forward.

The bridal boutiques are often filled with an abundance of white wedding gowns but you don’t need to go the traditional route if that is something you don’t want.

Go with what your heart truly desires.

Remember, it is your wedding, and you want to express yourself on the most special day of your life. You will wear this dress once and so why not go out and get exactly what you want?  

No more ready-made gowns. Our made-to measure dresses are as unique as you are.

Don't leave your dream of a gorgeous gold wedding gown behind. Contact us now and we will make it happen!

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