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The Ultimate Bridal Statement: The Red Wedding Dress

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One of the most heavily emphasized elements of a wedding is the beautiful bridal dress that you wear, so it’s no surprise when a lot time and effort is invested in trying to find that perfect one when shopping around Perth or searching online.

The hunt for an exquisite wedding gown can take months to find and many more hours trying on dresses in search of perfection before finally finding "the one."

Whilst most brides aspire to wear a timeless and forever classic white or ivory wedding dress on their big day, if red is more what you have in mind for yourself then read on!

Red may not be traditional choice but chances are – you aren’t going for the classic bridal look. You’re one unique and confident bride-to-be. You love the idea of breaking away from the conventional and want to make a memorable statement that expresses your true individuality.

If you are considering a red wedding dress for your special day, read on below.

A red wedding gown is not for the faint hearted and will definitely make a bold statement! You’re a bride that is likely full of confidence not only in yourself but also with your choice of wedding dress colour!

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Celebrate your most special day with the most breath taking dress...


While red is an unconventional colour for wedding dresses, more modern brides are choosing to wear it because of the symbolism it holds;

  • Love, passion and desire - For many decades, red is strongly associated with love. As such, some look at a red wedding dress as an expression of the bride’s love for her husband and the passion in their relationship.
  • Happiness, success and good fortune – In many Asian cultures, especially the Chinese – red symbolizes good luck and it’s believed by wearing red, it will bring good fortune and blessings for the marriage therefore, red would be the chosen colour for the bride’s wedding dress.
  • Bold and statement – Red is inherently eye catching and definitely a good pick if you want to make a bold statement on your wedding day.


Colours are often associated closely with particular meanings and this can also be applied to the choice of wedding dress colours. White is ascribed to purity and new beginnings.

Red has more emotional associations than any other colour. The colour is inherently bold and attention getting and is a representation of love, passion and desire – which are great elements in a relationship and moving forward to marriage.

Sounds good? Red may be the perfect colour for you.

There’s a number of reasons why a bride may choose a red wedding dress, do you fall in one of the below categories?

1. Cultural tradition 

In some cultures it is a traditional practice to wear a red bridal outfit or dress with the belief of what the colour’s symbolic meaning. For example; Hindu brides wear red on their wedding day based on the belief of fertility and prosperity within the marriage.

2. Make a unique bridal statement

In the Chinese tradition, red is a colour that symbolizes good luck, happiness and prosperity and wearing red on the wedding day is believed to transfer the blessing over to the newlyweds.

3. Make a unique bridal statement

    A red wedding will definitely make a statement and if you’ve opted for this striking hue, there’s no doubt you are one completely confident bride! If you’re the type of person who loves something unique and different and a white gown just won’t cut it for you, red is your choice. What’s more, there’s no better time to express the red colour association with love, passion and romance than on the day you are marrying the one you love.

    4. Your favourite colour is red

    Is your favourite colour red?

    Sometimes it’s just as simple as that your favourite thing is something you want to include in aspects of your life which in this case is incorporating your favourite colour into your wedding dress. If you love red and that’s the colour you want to go ahead with your wedding dress, your choice is justified.  


    It's your wedding day and you're faced with one of the most monumental decisions - choosing a dress.

    Some brides who want to break the mold in their wedding dress can find solace with red dresses that don’t conform to society's standards of what is considered "traditional." Red weddings are not an uncommon sight these days it seems like all sorts of bold decisions from gown colour choices on down have been popping up more often than ever before.

    If you have ever contemplated opting for a wedding dress in another colour other than white, go with what your heart desires. If that is a red wedding dress, then do not hesitate and give it all the love you can muster!

    Red is often considered to be elegant or even romantic; it also goes well as an accent colour in many different styles including vintage lace gowns and lacy tea length dresses made famous by royalty such as Queen Elizabeth II.

    White wedding dresses are a beautiful tradition, but if you're looking for something different and more refreshing then there's no reason not to go with red.

    With your choice of a red wedding gown, you have the opportunity to choose between many different shades and fabrics that come together in unique ways for individual brides.

    By contrast to the traditional white or ivory shades, there are much more varieties for shades of red from bright reds such as scarlet to rose reds, coral reds or deep reds like wine red to burgundy. Whatever choice of red you pick, it will unquestionably head turning!

    Red is available for every type fabric or if the fabric is white, it can even be custom dyed into whatever shade of red desired by a bride’s preference. Please note – not all bridal stores or dressmakers can or will be able to accommodate this selection.

    Depending on what dress silhouette you want, picking out the type of specific fabric will not only compliment your wedding dress design but also flatter your body shape. Materials such as laces, silks, tulles or a combination of different materials can make that special red wedding dress stand out from all others in its class--unique to just you!


    With the white wedding dress being the standard, red wedding dresses are a rare find among the traditional white.

    This is because they're not as conventional and therefore take more time for people who specialize in them to make versus those that have a bulk of their inventory stocked just waiting on your typical bride-to-be's request.

    Looking at bridal boutiques isn't always easy when they don't stock specialty colours. Chances are – you may have already checked at your local bridal stores and perhaps even scoped out the online options.

    Getting a red wedding dress doesn’t have to be a painful experience because it’s not available in store for you to try on or pick from. The manner in searching for and buying a coloured wedding dress is somewhat similar to the traditional white wedding dress with a few different processes.

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    This bride's vision...go statement or go home!

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    That train - dramatic, stunning, unforgettable.

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    A red wedding gown is so...beautifully enchanting.

    Below is our suggested process to get started with buying a red wedding dress.

    1. Dress style

    Do you have a dress design or style in mind? For example; do you want a fitted style, flowy or perhaps a princess or ball gown style wedding dress? If you aren’t too sure, it’s best if you can go try on a few different silhouettes to get an idea of what suits your body shape and what you like.

    2. Research for custom dressmakers

    If you are intending on getting your dress locally made, conduct some research on local dressmakers or bridal stores that specialize in custom made garments that are able to make the dress for you.

    Depending on where you are located, you may have a few stores to choose from. Of course pricing is one of the determining factors whether you go ahead with a particular store but don’t let it be your only deciding factor as cheap doesn’t always equate best!

    3. Research online for specialist dressmakers

    If you haven’t been able to locate a local store that can help you, you can try your luck online. If you are happy and confident to work with an online custom bridal dressmaker, the process should be relatively straightforward and they will be able to guide you through the custom made process for your wedding dress.

      Once you find that perfect specialty dressmaker, they will be right alongside you to take your journey to create that truly distinctive wedding dress of your dreams.

      The right specialist understands how significant these choices are for their customers; someone who has experienced heartbreak or happiness when finding "the" dress themselves could provide invaluable insight into helping you. 

      red bridal gowns custom made australia envious bridal & formal

      A bride in a red wedding gown is truly a ravishing bride.


      Don't fret if you haven’t been able to find any places (whether that be online or your local bridal shops) that can help you achieve your dream dress yet! We have absolutely gorgeous colour options in addition to our selection of stunning white ones so there is sure to be one perfect for you out there somewhere!

      If the thought ever crossed your mind that you would opt for a red wedding dress instead of a traditional white version, go ahead and do what feels right to make this big decision on your own terms without any regrets later down the road.

      If you’re looking for a specialist bridal dressmaker to make you an unforgettable red wedding dress, we can help. We are based in Perth (Australia) but don’t be discouraged if you aren’t a local bride - distance shouldn’t be the determining reason to stop you from getting that perfect gown!

      If you are in the Perth area, feel free to reach out to us to arrange a time to meet us in store. If you are a regional, interstate or even an international bride, we are more than happy to assist you remotely.

      The world is full of beautiful dresses for every occasion, but none are more special than the stunning dress you'll wear on your wedding day.

      No more ready-made gowns. Our made-to measure dresses are as unique as you are.

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      A custom made red wedding gown fit for the modern beautiful and bold bride.

      Need some inspiration?

      Check out the red wedding dresses we have created for brides.

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      For the fun, unique and bold bride that exudes pure confidence.


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      A red bridal gown - dramatic and truly unforgettable.

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       A bride in a red wedding gown is truly a ravishing bride.

      bespoke custom red wedding dresses Perth Australia Envious Bridal & Formal

      There are so many options and choices with a red wedding dress!

      red wedding gowns ustom made dressmaker Perth Australia online

      So captivating and majestic.

       tailor made red wedding gowns Australia dressmaker

      Just like a classic white bridal gown - but in the colour that best symbolizes love.

       ombre wedding dresses red and black Australia Envious Bridal & Formal

      For the bride that is truly unique and dares to push the bridal boundaries...ombre black and red gown. 

       red mermaid wedding dress custom made Australia Envious Bridal & Formal

      Princess, minimalist, sophisticated, bohemian or mermaid style - your dream dress is not so far away!

      If you like what you see and want to take the first step to getting your dream red bridal gown, we're here and ready to help!

      Let’s get started...don’t leave your dress dreams a dream...get in touch with us now.

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