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  • Styling Tips: Simple Wedding Dresses

    Are you a bride that just loves the minimalist style? You are after a wedding dress that speaks of refined elegance, beauty and sophistication? Simple wedding dresses are the perfect bridal style for you. Read our styling tips and if you'd like a simple wedding dress made just for you, get in touch with us today.
  • Need A Last Minute Wedding Dress In Perth? Read On

    While it may seem like a huge (and almost impossible) task to get a wedding dress last minute that you will love, you actually have many options! Read on to see your possible options and how we can help you with a last minute wedding dress.
  • Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses Perth

    Finding affordable bridesmaid dresses in Perth that suit your entire bridal party, falls within the allowable budget and the bridesmaid dress style that you want can be a tough gig. Balancing all these factors and the shopping around can be time consuming, disappointing and downright frustrating at times.

    If you are looking for affordable bridesmaid dresses in Perth WA, let us break it down as to how we can help you.

  • Where To Get Custom Bridesmaid Dresses In Perth

    The bridesmaid dresses make a statement alongside the bride and so it’s an important choice to pick a design that not only looks flattering on the bridesmaid but also ensure their comfort in the chosen style.

    However this is not always possible with off the rack bridesmaid dresses. This is the reason why we highly recommend getting your bridesmaid dresses custom made. Our custom bridesmaid dresses start from $250.00 and available in a range of colours, fabrics and options.

  • Coronavirus Cause Wedding Dress Stress Frenzy For Australian Brides

    Who would’ve thought that the latest global health epidemic Coronavirus would shake up the bridal industry?  Australian brides are amongst the growing number of brides around the world that are being affected by delays in getting their wedding gowns, stores not accepting orders and a general bridal gowns shortage.

    Read on to find out how the Coronavirus will affect you if you’re a bride-to-be on the lookout for your dream wedding dress in 2020.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Have A Wedding Dress Made?

    Picking and ordering a dress off the rack may not be for every bride – just as getting a wedding dress made is not for every bride either. If you have been thinking about getting your wedding dress made but need some information about the process, pricing and what to expect, keep reading.
  • When Should I Buy My Wedding Dress?

    Timing is important when it comes to buying your wedding dress – buy too early and you may find another dress that overall trumps your purchased one. Buy too late and you risk not being able to get the dress you want and also pay additional rush fees on top.
    Read on for a complete wedding dress shopping timeline.
  • Where To Buy Formal & Ball Dresses Perth?

    Shopping for you perfect ball dress can be a bit overwhelming…but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re reading this, then you’ve come to the right formal wear store in Perth for all your formal dresses and ball dresses needs.
  • Must See: Hailey Bieber’s Custom Made Wedding Dress By Off White

    So it seems that custom made wedding dresses are highly popular with celebrity brides. They pick a designer and their vision is brought to life with a wedding gown made specifically for them.

    The latest high profile star is Hailey Bieber (formerly Hayley Baldwin) with her custom made gown by her friend and fellow designer, Virgil Abloh. Let's talk about her wedding dress.

  • Wedding Dress Shopping Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Follow These 12 Expert Tips

    Some things you just don’t find out until you’re at the bridal boutique that can leave you a little surprised, overwhelmed or disappointed. We’re here to help you get prepared with our top 12 tips.
  • If You Don't Know Your Wedding Dress Budget Now, You'll Regret It Later

    Here’s how to shop for and buy your dream wedding dress – without disappointments.