Custom Gowns FAQ

1. Can you make a wedding dress from a photo?

Yes, we can make you your unique version of your inspiration style. Please provide high resolution photos of the dress from front and back, along with clear pictures detailing fabric, pattern choices such as lace appliques, pearls trimming neckline and sleeves etc.

2. How much does it cost to get a custom-made wedding dress?

Envious Bridal's custom-made wedding dresses start from AU $2,000. The final price depends largely upon how intricate the design is but also includes things such as materials used (satin VS silk, type of laces and so forth), number off beads needed in addition to other embellishments such as lace appliques etc.

We would love to help you bring your ideas for a custom gown into reality. Simply send us some inspiration photos of the dress you love, including your budget requirements that may need consideration when designing and making a custom wedding gown just for YOU.

3. Can you help me design my wedding dress?

We are here to help you bring your vision into reality. We can work with any pictures or ideas that inspiring, so don't be shy!

Custom sketches are a great way to visualize your ideas and get an idea of how it will look before you commit. You can have our professional designer combine all your specific requests into a sketch design to see how everything will look so there is no surprises when the dress begins! This service attracts a custom sketch fee.

4. How long does it take to get a custom-made wedding dress?

There is a significant amount of time required to create custom dresses. It generally takes between 4-8 months, but for more complex styles or intricate/heavily beaded designs it can be up to 10-14 months.

Remember to factor in delivery time and at least 1-3 months for any necessary alterations of your dress. You should ideally order it 7-9 months out from the wedding date so that you can get all those final details ironed out. Being early is a lot less stressful than close to your wedding date and the dress still needs work. With COVID, we recommend brides get in touch with us sooner rather than later.

When you place your order, we will provide an estimate for the completion and arrival of your custom wedding gown.

Less than 3 months before your big day? We can still help! All orders require pre-approval and depend on design complexity. Rush fees apply. Email us for further information.

5. Can I see the fabric samples for my custom wedding dress?

We don't carry many samples of fabrics as we find that brides generally have different needs or desires in terms fabric selection based on design preference plus specific requests from the bride herself!

You'll receive photos from us showing what's available so there are no surprises as to the fabric and the final look when it is made into your custom gown.

We can't wait to start working with you, but a part of our policy is that we need confirmation of your order before sourcing fabrics.

6. What is the process of getting a wedding dress made?

Read about the full custom-made process.

7. What size range do you offer?

We make the standard size range from AUS 6-18 (AUS XS-3XL) but we also offer custom sizing to our custom made gowns.

If you order a standard size custom made dress, your measurements will be compared to the closest size that is suitable. This helps to reduce alterations that may be needed but does not eliminate them altogether. Even if you order a custom sizing gown, it's likely that there will be some alterations (although likely less) needed to achieve the perfect fit.

8. Can I see the progress of my custom wedding dress while it is being made?

We will send you photos of your dress during the dress making process so that we can make sure everything is perfect before moving forward. These mid-production photos are sent to you for approval via email, and they include a mock-up with any lace appliques (if applicable), placements/positions as per the confirmed design.

We know that you're excited about seeing your beautiful dress, so we will send over email pictures of the final look once construction is complete.

9. Am I able to make changes to the style of my custom gown after production has started?

As with any customized dress, there are extra costs and modifications that may be required if you want to change the design or specifications of your order. We always hope to accommodate customers' needs at no additional charge, but significant changes will incur an increase in price/time taken for processing since we must rework the structure of your dress.

This is an extra charge for reworking beading, embellishments and placement. This will of course incur more hours on top of the original amount due to additional labour and time needed to rework your dress.

10. I love a particular wedding gown in your collection, but I want to make some design changes, is that possible?

In most cases we can accommodate a few minor design modifications to customize the design to meet your individual request.

You can discuss this with your bridal consultant as to what changes you would like to be made and if it is possible.

Please note not all design requests can be met due to the design or fabric construction. Customization to a design will incur additional charges.

11. Does the price of a custom-made wedding dress also include alterations?

No, the price of your custom-made gown does not include any alterations unless specified in the initial discussion and confirmed in your sales order and contract.

Alterations are not included in the price of your custom or made-to order wedding gown. As each bride’s body is unique, there's a different scope for alterations depending on what you need done to achieve perfect fit and comfortability with your dress style preference. Alterations are charged for each adjustment required.

12. What is your cancellation policy?

Your dream wedding dress is a customized creation that can't be refunded or exchanged once it's made due to change of mind or circumstances. Therefore, it is very important to be sure of the design of your choice before placing an order and signing the agreement.

All sales are final with custom made gowns due to the nature of custom service and made specifically as per your requirements.

13. Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide! We use express courier service with reputable carriers such as FedEx, DHL, TNT and Australia Post Courier.