Be Unforgettable: Say Yes To A Coloured Wedding Dress

Be Unforgettable: Say Yes To A Coloured Wedding Dress

Custom made coloured wedding dresses...

For the completely stunning unconventional bride that wants something more than white.

You’re at this page because there’s a high chance that you’re not the conventional bride looking for an all white wedding dress but rather, a truly unique, truly memorable...coloured wedding dress.

So let’s talk coloured wedding dresses.

The rule is...

There are no rules.

There is no right or wrong.

There is only what you want, because ultimately, it is YOUR wedding.

Was your wedding dress colour a statement?

These days’ brides are daring to be different and sometimes want make an impression with the colour they choose for their gown.

Why Brides Are Choosing Coloured Wedding Dresses

Weddings are changing and couples now want a wedding day as individual as they are. Weddings are a time to celebrate, and it's important that the day feels personal. More and more couples want their wedding ceremony just like any other appointment in life: individualized to suit their personal style and preference - not necessarily what others will think or what is traditionally done.

Whilst there will always be traditional church weddings, many new age brides and grooms are opting for civil ceremonies in hotels, forests, woodland settings etc. As such, bride’s choice with their wedding dress, particularly the colour choice has shifted too.

Wedding dresses are not just white anymore with brides are going against tradition to make their own statement. Whether this choice is because they want the unconventional venue, or if it symbolizes something more important like picking your favourite colour, a coloured wedding dress will sure be an unforgettable moment that you wear yours.

Choosing a wedding dress is probably one of the most difficult choices you will have to make and should be approached with joy and anticipation. There are so many options to choose from when you're looking for your perfect wedding dress and it's almost impossible not feel excited or overwhelmed. Colour is a reflection of how you feel and also how a colour can make you feel.

Again, there are no rules when it comes to wedding dresses and especially, a coloured wedding gown but here we will give you a rundown of the symbolism behind the different colours.

Coloured wedding dresses: when the traditional just isn't enough

Western bridal culture is heavily influenced by the tradition of wearing white on your wedding day. The white wedding dress has long been a symbol of purity but the tradition actually originates from the trend that British monarch Queen Victoria set when she decided to wear a white wedding gown on her wedding day in 1840, simply because she really liked the colour. Furthermore, the colour became popular in the 19th century not for it’s symbolism of the colour white but rather it showed wealth and prestige. Since then, the white wedding dress has become an iconic symbol of Western bridal culture.

Colour Wedding Dress Meanings

Colour wedding dresses provide a stunning alternative to the traditional white gown. It can truly reflect your personality and let it shine on through on one of the most important days of your life!

White Wedding Dresses

The most popular and traditional colour choice is white. The colour white typically represents purity, innocence, fresh beginnings and positivity.

White continues to be a traditional colour of choice for many brides and also for cultural or religious reason, and as a general well known rule, wedding guests are discouraged from wearing white themselves to avoid overshadowing the bride on her wedding day.

white wedding dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

Ivory Wedding Dresses

There are many shades of white wedding gowns with ivory becoming a widely popular choice for brides. As a standalone colour, ivory can even look quite white because it is considered a shade variation of a white wedding dress. As such, the symbolism behind the choice of an ivory coloured wedding dress is typically the same as that to a white wedding gown.

Some people believe that ivory means that the bride is no longer pure and is not able to wear white so opt for the closest alternative – being the ivory. That belief has changed considerably as many brides feel that a pure white does not suit their skin tone very well whilst ivory is less harsh and much more complimentary.

ivory wedding dress custom made perth australia envious bridal & formal

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Blush & Pink Wedding Dresses

Pink is a colour associated with innocence, purity, love and femininity. It can also be worn to depict a more flirtatious nature. Colours in this range include subtle pinks of pale rose, blossom, soft blush tones right through to vibrant bright pinks.

Brides who love pink or want something that is incredibly feminine, blush wedding dresses is a dream come true.

blush wedding dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

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pink wedding dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

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Red Wedding Dresses  

Red is actually a popular colour choice for weddings around the world in many cultures for the symbolism it holds. A red wedding dress can represent many things.

For example,

For centuries, the colour red has been worn by Chinese brides at their wedding ceremony as they believed to bring them luck in marriage and bless this union with happiness. The red colour is a chosen colour for Hindu brides for the symbolism of success and passion that the colour holds.

Generally speaking, red wedding dresses are popular in cultural based weddings but modern brides often choose red because they love this bright, bold and stunning hue.

This vibrant colour denotes the passion for the love of your life, enabling you to make an impact on your wedding day!

In fact, we have an entire blog post dedicated to red wedding dresses. Read more here.

red wedding dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

Orange Wedding Dresses  

Definitely dare to be different with an orange wedding gown which the colour represents a youthfulness vitality, flamboyance as well as fun!

orange wedding dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

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Yellow Wedding Dresses  

Meanings associated with a yellow wedding dress include intelligence, happiness, laughter, sunshine, liveliness and optimism. The choice of a yellow bridal gown is perfect for bringing a ray of sunshine to your wedding day with the happiness it symbolizes.

yellow wedding dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

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Green Wedding Dresses

Green signifies harmony and optimism which is a perfect vibe for your wedding day. The colour green is associated with nature and well-being.

There are many stunning shades of green for wedding dresses from mint shades to jewel tones of greens and emeralds that are absolutely breath taking.

green wedding dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

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custom made green wedding dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

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Blue Wedding Dresses

Wearing a beautiful blue dress on your wedding day will symbolize peace, purity and loyalty. The colour traditionally denotes good luck as it means to represent calm water that gives life-giving properties while being endlessly loyal.

Blue wedding dresses have become increasingly popular – especially shades of baby and pastel blues.

blue wedding dresses custom made australia

blue wedding dresses custom made dressmaker australia

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blue wedding dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

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blue wedding gowns custom made perth australia envious bridal & formal

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Purple Wedding Dresses

The colour purple denotes authority and power as well as magic, mystery and strength. Lighter shades of purple are associated with romance and feelings of nostalgia. Depending on your personal preference, there is a variety of purple shades in the colour palette to make you a dashing bride.

On it’s own, purple can be a little plain. There are many ways to bring the magnificence of purple into your wedding dress design. You can play around with different shades, shimmery fabrics, 3D appliques or beading embellishments. Purple looks particularly stunning against fair to light skin tones.

custom made purple wedding dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

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purple wedding dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

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Nude Coloured Wedding Dresses

Not all brides like the idea of an all white wedding dress but perhaps you don’t want to opt for a full coloured wedding dress. A fabulous alternative is a white wedding gown with a nude undertone. This has become an increasingly popular option for a modern, stylish and ultra-elegant look.

A “nude” coloured wedding dress means that instead of a white wedding dress being fully enveloped in white (including the lining), the secondary layer is a barely there, warmer tone or nude colour fabric with the white on top. This creates a more muted white tone which has been more favoured by modern brides.

There are many shades of nude undertones from a soft beige nude to mid-nude tones to much darker tan nude shades. Nude undertones can also be used to create the “naked” look effect. This is achieved with the appearance of showing skin without actually exposing anything at all. This is particularly suitable for the bride that is bold and wants to make a sexy statement.

nude colour wedding dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

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nude wedding gowns custom made perth australia envious bridal & formal

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Black Wedding Dresses

Some may perceive black as an odd choice for a wedding because black is associated with death and funerals, which is the total opposite in colour and meaning of a joyous occasion such as a wedding.

What’s more, black wedding dresses aren’t always chosen by gothic brides. Modern brides are choosing black wedding gowns for the power, sophistication, wealth and mysterious appeal the colour represents.

Black wedding dresses are the perfect choice for brides who are unafraid to stand out in their own unique way with bold tastes that others may find unconventionally intriguing. It’s an unexpected change from the traditional white choice for wedding dresses.

Choosing a black wedding dress is flattering on all body shapes and flatters almost all skin tones.

black wedding dresses  Image source: Sophia Tolli 

Silver Wedding Dresses

Brides who choose a silver wedding dress are sleek and exude an elegance that resonates with old school Hollywood glamour. Silver is a beautiful choice for brides that want a colour other than a white wedding gown but don’t want to step too far away from the classic white shade. 

silver wedding dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

Gold Wedding Dresses

A colour that is closely associated with royalty and extravagance, it is a colour that signifies wealth, confidence and power. Gold is an incredibly versatile colour and flattering to most skin tones. Shimmery tones of gold either as a primary or second fabric add that extra wow factor to the overall look. Gold wedding dresses make an absolutely show stopping statement to make the bride feel incredibly beautiful and confident on the most special day.

Interested in more information about a gold wedding dress? Read full blog post here.

gold wedding dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal


Dare to be different with your choice of wedding dress colour. Long gone are the days where brides feel they need to confirm to tradition and choose an all white wedding dress which may not be flattening on all brides – especially for very fair brides. A subtle shift from a pure white wedding dress to a more flattering shade of ivory, blush or ivory can make a stark difference in how you look and feel.

When it comes to coloured wedding dresses, it is not an emerging trend but it is not yet a mainstream choice. It’s a very unique and unconventional preference which is perfect if you are seeking to be different and look stunning in a non-traditional way.

If you aren’t sure if you are bold enough to go for an all coloured wedding dress, subtle ways to incorporate colour to a white wedding dress include warmer hues rather than all white gown, the addition of a coloured belt, 3D appliques or perhaps a coloured hem.

Where Do I Buy A Coloured Wedding Dress in Perth, Australia?

Coloured wedding dresses are often not widely available at bridal boutiques because well, it is a very unique choice (in a good way). With unique comes specialty. When it comes to wedding dresses, you will likely find that many coloured wedding dresses will be a custom made kind.

For the mainstream bridal stores, many will not carry colours outside of white, ivory and a small selection of champagnes or blush tone wedding dresses. If you want to take a look at the local bridal boutiques, it pays to call ahead to find out if they carry any coloured wedding gowns.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable coloured wedding dress with a story behind the design or simply want something unique and special on your wedding day, get in touch with us.  Whether you are a local bride, interstate Australian or overseas brides, we will be thrilled to assist you in bringing your vision to life. If you are an international bride, we are also more than happy to assist you remotely.

However, if you are a local Perth bride, get in touch with us for an in person meeting to discuss your vision, requirements and moving forward.

It is true that most of the bridal boutiques are filled with white wedding gowns, but this doesn't mean you have to go traditional. Some people think that coloured wedding dresses are not a great choice because they're "not normal." But this is just one of the many reasons why these particular gowns stand out. They make your special day all the more memorable and beautiful, so don't miss out on such an amazing opportunity!

Go with what your heart truly desires.

No more ready-made dresses, our custom designs are as unique as the bride who deserves them. Don't leave your dream of an unforgettable wedding behind without calling us now - we will make it happen for you so you can celebrate your wedding day in the gown of your dreams.

If you're a bride that is all about defining your own rules, not afraid to stand out  and want something that is truly unique, go ahead with what your heart desires with a coloured wedding gown.

Contact us now and we will make it happen!

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