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Gothic Black Wedding Dresses: Non-Traditional And Mysterious Elegance

Because you've never been one to conform to typical standards and protocols, right? Celebrate your unique and individual dark style.

Gothic weddings are a rejection of traditional wedding practice and the relationship it implies, in favour for something more darkly beautiful.

Gothic black wedding dresses is not for your typical bride. Of course not, and chances are you don’t consider yourself to be a conventional and traditional bride. Neither do you intend to go down that path, especially with an event that is as meaningful and eventful as your wedding day.

You’re a bride that wants to shake up the status quo. You want to celebrate your unique style and a gothic black bridal gown.

Gothic Black Wedding Gowns

Black has been an increasingly popular colour for modern brides, incorporating more black hues in their overall wedding theme and of course their wedding dress. There are many reasons why black has become a demanding colour for weddings. The dark, moody hue has the power to turn any wedding into something memorable and unique

What could be more memorable than a black wedding dress? The colour speaks volumes and reflection of your individuality. A black gothic wedding dress is a colour that brides typically don't choose, and this makes it even more special!

Why Brides Are Picking Black Wedding Gowns

More and more brides are stepping outside the traditional box of a white wedding dress and choosing a black wedding gown for the representation of themselves being unique and unconventional. A black wedding dress can also look incredibly breath taking and show stopping…of course, every bride’s #goals.

Here are some reasons why you should consider a black wedding dress.

1. Expressing your individuality

Picking a black wedding dress to wear on your special day is not just okay, it’s the perfect way of showing everyone your distinctive style and you’ll most definitely be one of the most memorable brides they will remember.

2. It's different

Brides are opting for this bold, dark, and elegant colour as it breaks the traditional bridal norm and expectations.

It's good to be different - in the most unique and beautiful way.

3. It is more practical than a white wedding gown 

From the day that the bride picks up her wedding dress from the store right up to the moments she wears her gown, she'd most likely be a little worried about her white gown getting dirty or marked. Even a small stain will show on the white dress canvas making it another worry to add to your list.

A black wedding dress means you will have one less thing to think and worry about! Your black wedding dress will be much more resistant to stains throughout the day leaving you to focus on mingling with your guests and fully enjoying your day and night.

4. It is a universally flattering colour

Whoever said black doesn't suit you? Said no one ever. It's one of those colours that will work for anyone.

5. Black suits all body shapes

Whether you're petite, standard size or plus sized; a black wedding gown will make every inch of your body look and feel amazing. White dresses can be less forgiving when it comes to bride’s figure. Many brides end up feeling they have pick between "the right" style in order hide what's not quite so proud about themselves.

For example, the mid-section is a sensitive area which some brides feel uncomfortable about emphasizing and would opt for dress silhouettes such as A lines to conceal the tummy and flatter this area.

6. You can re-wear it

With a white wedding dress, you will likely only get to wear it once during your special day. However, with a black wedding dress there is plenty of opportunity for restyling and customizing post wedding day for future wear.

For example;

If you had a full-length black wedding gown you can get it restyled into a midi length to change the look and can be worn again for another event. With such versatility on offer, you get the most out of your money spent on this special gown as well as wearing a dress that you love.

7. The vast options available

With a black wedding gown, there are an abundance of looks you can choose from to suit your personal style perfectly.

Are you a bride that love a dark and mysterious elegance glamour? Consider a black lace wedding gown.

Have you always dreamed of an edgy Cinderella look? A black ball gown wedding dress combines the classic princess silhouette with a gothic edge appeal.

Are you a full-scale glamour queen? Combine lace tulle and shimmery black beading for that shimmer and luxe splendour.

8. It's truly beautiful

A white wedding gown is beautiful...but the unexpected beauty and dark allure of a black gothic bridal gown is undeniable. Isn't that one of the reasons why you're drawn to getting a black wedding gown for your wedding?

Magical black wedding gowns are perfect for creating an air of magic and intensity on your special day. A black wedding gown will make an unforgettable impression. This colour is both elegant and magical when paired with different fabrics textures or detailing - it's perfect whether your style tends towards the gothic bride or just modern brides wanting something memorable!

What Is A Gothic Wedding?

A gothic wedding means different things to different brides and couples but in essence a gothic wedding is a wondrous way to celebrate both partner’s desires and gravitation towards “the dark side”. It’s an expressive and unique way to convey both offbeat personalities through edgy yet sophisticated catering, florals and of course, your black wedding dress.

A gothic themed wedding can be surprisingly flexible to suit your individual taste. You can go all out or limit it to just enough so it feels romantic and mysterious. Gothic weddings are all about creating a sense of fantasy and magic with dark colours, luxurious details, an opulent colour palette. You can add in some exquisite details like gold trim for that extra touch of class.

For example, we previously published “Black Wedding Dresses – For The Dramatic Bride” featuring reality TV celebrity bride – Christine Quinn’s gothic winter wonderland themed wedding. Her wedding was far from all black but rather combined elements of black throughout to add that unexpected, dramatic yet elegant flair - including her drop dead gorgeous black wedding dress by Galia Lahav.

The wedding dress world is your oyster if you opt for a black wedding dress, with so many different custom options to make it uniquely yours!

Black Wedding Dresses Style Inspiration

Black Lace Wedding Dress

Black lace wedding dresses can look amazing in so many different types of laces and silhouettes, from mermaid to A line to ball gown silhouettes.

long sleeve black lace wedding dress custom made envious bridal & formal

long sleeve black lace wedding dresses australia custom made envious bridal & formal

long sleeve black lace bridal gowns custom made envious bridal & formal

How majestic does a black wedding gown look with a matching cathedral length train?
Photo credit: Maggie Sottero

Mermaid Black Wedding Dress

For the brides that want to show off their curves in a fitted style mermaid black wedding gown, this silhouette will surely accentuate everything that your mama gave you!

black mermaid wedding dress custom made envious bridal & formal

mermaid long sleeve black wedding dress custom made envious bridal & formal
Photo credit: Pnina Tornai

Simple Black Wedding Dress

A simple black wedding dress is perfect choice for minimalist brides. Although you may opt for a simple design but it will not be any less stunning as a more detailed style wedding gown.

Wow the crowd with a simple yet striking black gown.

simple black wedding dress custom made envious bridal & formal

Photo credit: Alex Perry

Gothic Black Wedding Dress

Combining gothic vibes with the combination of different lace textures for the modern gothic bride.

gothic black wedding dress custom made envious bridal & formal
  Photo credit: Pinterest


Black Wedding Dress Long Sleeve

When you choose a black wedding dress, there is no need to tone down the elegance. Black wedding dresses with long sleeve are just so incredibly glamorous, sophisticated and exude effortless sexiness.

long sleeve black wedding dress custom made envious bridal & formal

black long sleeve lace wedding dress custom made envious bridal & formal

Photo credit: Pinterest

Black Wedding Dress With Train

A long train is always a spectacular view and creates an ethereal look to your wedding gown.

Pro tip: Contrary to popular beliefs that a long train will be hard to walk in but get your local tailor to shorten the front hem to make it easier for you to walk in and bustle the train or add a finger loop for when you want to make it easier to move around.

black wedding dress with train custom made envious bridal & formal

gothic black wedding dress with train custom made envious bridal & formal

Photo credit: Oliver Rink

Black Wedding Dress Open Back

An open back is so alluring and chic. It can make any gown look amazing and when you combine it with a striking colour such as black for your wedding, you're guaranteed a head turning gown.

open back black wedding dresses custom made envious bridal & formal

black wedding dress with open back custom made envious bridal & formal

Photo credit: Oved Cohen

Edgy Black Wedding Dress

Romantic, ethereal, or bohemian not your style? If you're an edgy kind of bride looking to transfer your personality to reflect in your bridal, an edgy wedding dress with striking and unstructured silhouette, detailing and non-traditional style would most likely be fitting to what you are looking for.

This is definitely a fun and unique design to work with and of course, you are rocking such a distinct and creative black wedding dress on your big day to wow everyone.

edgy black wedding dress custom made envious bridal & formal

Photo credit: Marwan & Khaled

Black Lace Wedding Dress Plus Size

It's not easy finding a black wedding dress and when you have ample curves, it makes the process to find a plus size black wedding gown that much harder!

Embrace your individuality and more importantly, embrace your curves, combine those two to get your perfect and dreamy black wedding dress.

plus size black wedding dress custom made envious bridal & formal

A gorgeous sweetheart neckline with a draped off shoulder sleeves in a voluminous A line silhouette perfectly flatters a curvier figure.

Photo credit: Sophia Tolli

black lace wedding dresses plus size brides custom made envious bridal & formal

If you want to add some stunning contrast whilst keeping with the black palette, a lighter underlay such as nude or champagne will definitely take your black wedding dress to the next level.

This mermaid-style wedding dress can look amazing on a fuller figure and accentuate your curves. Don't be afraid to go for this silhouette!

Photo credit: Google

Where Can I Order A Gothic Black Wedding Dress?

The search for that one-of-a kind wedding gown can be daunting - especially if you're trying find an alternate colour or style outside what many bridal stores have on their racks. Trying to find a black bridal gown amidst the sea of white wedding dresses can feel like finding a needle in haystack.

Why suffer through the pain of trying on white weddings when you can have something that is truly your own?

The search for a black wedding dress can be difficult, but it is not much different than the process of finding one in white. You are more than likely aware that most bridal stores don’t carry or cater to preferences outside of the traditional white wedding gowns but don’t let this crush your dreams of getting your dress black wedding gown.

In the pool of bridal stores in Perth and Australia, we are proud to be able to offer more than just the traditional white bridal gowns. We specialize in one-of-a kind and uniquely created custom wedding gowns. So, if a custom black wedding dress is what you are after, you’re only a few clicks and a phone call away from us!

Want a black lace wedding dress?

Or perhaps you want a princess/Cinderella black wedding gown.

Long sleeve black wedding dress?

Or a gothic corset black wedding dress?

Whatever your personal style or preference is for your black wedding gown, we can help you bring your vision to life. We can bring your vision of an enchanted black wedding gown to life with our custom made wedding dress making service.

If you are a local Perth bride, feel free to reach out to us to arrange for an in-store appointment. If you are a regional, interstate or even an international bride, we are always happy to assist you remotely.

Wearing your dream black wedding dress will be an experience of a lifetime. If you want to take the first step towards your perfect gothic wedding gown, submit your inquiry via contact form below. We’d be delighted to hear from you and assist you further.

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