Choosing Bridesmaid Dress Colours

Choosing Bridesmaid Dress Colours

How to choose the perfect colour for your bridesmaid dresses?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. All the decisions...because the choices, the aesthetics is a reflection of both the bride and groom’s personality, there are so many details involved in making this day work!

Setting upon a decision can be difficult for some brides, but the right guide helps make it easier. Many aspects of planning your wedding can come naturally - knowing what you want and going to look for them. There are other times when indecision takes over; this is perfectly understandable too because of all the choices, options or purely just the fact that you just aren’t sure.

Let’s talk bridesmaid dresses. The below is by no means an exhaustive list, but the most common questions you will need to consider prior to shopping for your bridesmaid dresses.

  • How many bridesmaids will you have?
  • What colour to pick for the bridesmaid dresses?
  • What style of dress?
  • What if the style you had in mind doesn’t suit the girls?
  • What if the girls don’t like the dresses due to their size and body shapes?
  • Who will pay for the bridesmaid dresses?

Before shopping for a dress, most brides are already thinking about the colour of their bridesmaid dresses. They will often pick out what they want in advance and then find an appropriate style to go with it—usually after seeing how colours work with different venue settings and colour schemes.

How To Choose The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress Colour

When choosing the best colour for your bridesmaid dresses, there's no magic formula that you need to follow. But here are some considerations when making this choice:

1. Colour Inspiration

Have you seen other weddings on social media that have certain colours or themes in them? Pinterest is a great site to get inspiration for your wedding. You can create boards of themes or colours that you love, then filter down the ones where there's something unique about them - like their colour!

2. What is your personal style?

With such a large variety of colours to choose from, you may find yourself overwhelmed! It's important that your personality and personal style are taken into consideration when making this decision. Are you someone who prefers earth tones or do you draw inspiration from bolder shades?

Or another way to pick your bridesmaid dress colours is to consider your own personal preferences. What is your favourite colour?

What a fun way to choose your colour palette based off your favourite colour!

Your personality and personal style will ultimately have an influence as to the colour you choose. Are you a minimalist and love more earthy and neutral tones? It would make perfect sense if you chose more muted colours within this colour palette than a bold and contrasting colour.

3. The Location

Your chosen location will likely set the tone of your chosen colour as you would likely want to match your bridesmaid dress colours to suit and compliment the location and venue.

4. The Season Of Your Wedding

When planning your wedding, take into consideration what colours best match the season. For example a winter event would be more appropriate with darker shades like deep greens or blues while summertime weddings can have offbeat colours such as fuchsia, corals etc. The right colour palette will make all aspects of celebrations seem fun!

5. Your Bridesmaid's Skin Colour And Skin Tones

You want your bridesmaids to look their best so be mindful in your selection of a colour that will compliment your bridesmaid’s skin colour and tones. Some colours such as peaches, nudes or pastel shades may wash your girl’s complexion. It is important to find a dress colour which they love and compliments them. You don't want any disappointed girls!

6. The Dress Fabric

You may have not thought much about the style or fabric of your bridesmaid dresses yet but it’s worth considering what kind you want. It’s worth noting that some bridal stores don’t offer or carry certain colours in all dress designs. So you may find a dress at a local bridal store in the exact colour you want but the style isn’t what you want. Or you may encounter a situation in which you love a particular bridesmaid dress style yet it’s not offered in the colour you want. So there may be a compromise somewhere along the lines if you run into one of the aforementioned situations.

What Colour Should You Choose Based On Your Wedding?

Your wedding should be a combined reflection of yours and your fiancé’s personalities and style. If you’re still at a loss as to what colour to choose for your bridesmaid dresses, try considering what your visions for your wedding will be.

Are you are traditional bride?

Classic and flattering colours that work to not only compliment many different skin tones but also quite flattering in many bridesmaid dress designs.

Try navy, burgundy, forest, emerald green, eggplant, blush.

custom made burgundy bridesmaid dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

Classic and flattering - burgundy bridesmaid dresses
custom made navy bridesmaid  dresses perth australia
Classic elegance - navy bridesmaid dresses
custom made blush bridesmaid dresses envious bridal & formal

Timeless soft beautiful tone - blush bridesmaid dresses

Are you a minimalist bride?

Transfer the minimalism essence to your wedding with colours such as black, nude, beige, grey.

custom made black bridesmaid dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

Understated effortless beauty - black bridesmaid dresses
custom made grey bridesmaid dresses perth australia

Muted tone and chic - grey bridesmaid dresses

Are you a fun, colour loving bride?

Add bright and fun colours such as coral, lime, fuchsia, mint, canary yellow.

custom made mint bridesmaid dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

Chic, both classic and on trend - mint bridesmaid dresses

Are you a girly girl kind of bride?

Timeless, ultra-feminine and effortlessly beautiful, colours in pastel palette such blush, lilac, baby blue, peach.

custom made lilac purple bridesmaid dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

Ultra feminine and beautiful - lilac bridesmaid dresses


custom made pink blush bridesmaid dresses envious bridal & formal

Pretty in pink - pink bridesmaid dresses

Are you a statement making and sexy bride?

Bright and bold colours will ensure it contrasts against your white wedding gown (this is based upon the assumption that you have selected to wear a traditional white wedding gown). Bright red shades, teal, black, cobalt blue.

custom made red bridesmaid dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

Bold and statement - red bridesmaid dresses

Are you a beachy loving bride?

Incorporate colours associated with the seaside vibe in any shade of blues, beiges or champagnes look amazing against a beach setting wedding.

custom made baby blue bridesmaid dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

Complimentary to the beach side setting- blue bridesmaid dresses
custom made emerald teal bridesmaid dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal
Versatile, flattering and gorgeous hue - turquoise bridesmaid dresses

Are you an outdoor vibe kind of bride?

With an outdoor wedding the colour options to suit are almost endless.

Beautiful hues to suit and compliment your surrounding outdoor venue include forest green, emerald, teal, steel blue, beige.

custom made teal bridesmaid dresses perth australia
Stunning and chic- teal bridesmaid dresses

Are you a up-to-the-minute and trendy bride?

Trending chic colours for bridesmaid dresses include rust, sage, rose red, gold.

custom made rust burnt orange bridesmaid dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

Trending colour - burnt orange/rust coloured bridesmaid dresses
custom made sage bridesmaid dresses perth australia envious bridal & formal

Rising in popularity with modern brides - sage colour bridesmaid dresses

Still Undecided Or Need Further Help?

Do not stress any further.

Whether you’re undecided and don’t know what colour you want, or perhaps you want a particular colour but not having any luck with finding what you want – we can help!

Get in touch with us and we can help steer you in the right direction based on your ideas and wants.

We have our exclusive bridesmaid dresses collection which has been designed in house and made by our team of dressmakers. We offer you option to customize the designs within this collection to suit your girls perfectly as well as order it in a range of beautiful colours.

Alternatively, you can bring in your own design (i.e you saw and saved another dress style from another online source) and we can custom make your bridesmaid dresses with our custom made service. With this service it is an entirely bespoke style process so you can customize the design, colours and sizing.

Sounds like something you’d like to explore?

Get in touch with us and we can help you bring your bridesmaid dress visions to life.

Let’s start shopping!

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