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Where To Buy Formal & Ball Dresses Perth?

where to buy ball dresses in perth wa australia
We're sure that almost every school girl dreams of or highly looks forward to the day she will enter her final year of high school and pick out her perfect ball dress to commemorate one of the most important, memorable and the final year of secondary school.
The year 12 school ball may just be one of the biggest events of your high school years. You probably might have thought about your ball dress some time back and now that the time is coming up to actually start shopping for you ball dress, you might be a bit stuck as to where to start. You’re not alone.
In the day and age of the internet, you’re likely to have started following certain online brands for ball dress inspiration but perhaps they are not local stores located near you or you just don’t want to purchase your ball dress online. That’s completely understandable.
Finding a unique ball gown that represents your personality and style, fits and suits your body shape is no easy feat. On top of that, you would have to ensure that perfect ball dress falls within your budget range.
Pre Shopping Guide
There are a few preliminary steps you should follow prior to hitting the ball dress shops in order to help you be better prepared for the shopping experience. Chances are if you go in the stores without any preparation, you’ll downright be inundated by the available dress options and what you truly want.
Avoid overload, disappointment and exhaustion by having a clearer vision of what you want for your ball dress. Do you want a specific style of dress? Do you like a particular colour? Do you want a ball dress that is trendy or something that is more timeless? Is there a price limit on how much you can spend on your formal dress?
By having an answer to these questions, it will be a lot easier when you do start your ball dress shopping. You may find that many of the sales consultants at the stores will likely ask you these questions as this will help them help you find your perfect ball dress.
A few tips to help you get started;
Determine your budget – This is one of the most important things in the pre ball shopping step. You might fall in love with a beautiful ball gown only to find out the price tag is beyond what you can afford. So you definitely want to establish what you can afford to spend on your ball dress as this saves you much wasted time and disappointment when you are in store.
Furthermore, by knowing what your ball dress budget is will help narrow down the search for ball dresses shops, so you only have to go to the stores which stocks styles within your price range.
To be trendy or timeless? Do you want to fit in or stand out? By answering this question you can figure out what kind of style you may want. For example, a glitzy sequin dress in a blood red is always a popular choice for its eye catching ability. Or if you want a more demure look perhaps you can opt for a darker colour such as a navy in a flowy kind of dress, creating that timeless look.
Seek inspiration online – You’ve probably seen a few dozen pretty gowns on your Instagram feed and if you’ve really loved it, likely saved or liked the photo. Keep saving all the styles of dresses that you like and once you have about 10 dresses that you like, start the process of elimination to narrow down your choices. By having too many dresses will make it difficult to focus on and pick one that you will want to go with. We advise picking out your top 5 favourite styles and save them handy for when you do go out to the ball dresses stores.
Check out the store’s website – Most local formal dress stores have websites so be sure to check out their range online first before you visit them to see if they carry dresses that are suitable to your preferred styles and budget. This will truly save you a tonne of time driving around and visiting the stores.
A side note – most bridal stores typically don’t display their prices of the formal dresses on their website so for these stores you may need to note the style number of a few of the gowns that you are interested in and call them about pricing.
If you’ve had a chance to browse our formal/ball dresses collection, you’ll notice that we enlist the prices on all of our ball dresses. We also show prices for all our wedding gowns…which generally is not a common practice for a bridal store but we absolutely believe in transparency. Our prices are clearly displayed on our website for all our visitor’s viewing and if you feel we are a good match for you, we welcome you to contact us to discuss any queries or you can visit our shop in North Perth.
Where to buy ball dresses in Perth
If you have done the above preliminary research then you most likely will have a shortlist of ball dress boutiques in Perth that you want to visit.
There are a number of ball dresses shops in Perth with a few being independent formal dress boutiques and others are bridal stores which also have a range of formal and ball dresses available for sale. Keep in mind that some bridal stores require you to make an appointment to view their ball dresses so be sure to book in advance prior to your visit.
formal dresses perth wa envious bridal and formal
Envious Bridal & Formal Ball Dresses Collection
That said, most stores don’t require an appointment for walk in customers but if you’re in doubt, there’s no harm in making a quick phone call to the store to double check.
Independent formal wear boutiques, department stores and bridal shops will each carry slightly different formal dress styles tailored to specific needs and budgets. By doing your initial research it will help you better navigate the different stores to find your perfect ball gown.
Majority of the ball dress stores and boutiques that carry formal and ball dresses are located in areas such as;
  • North Perth
  • Mt Lawley
  • Morley
  • Leederville
  • Subiaco
  • Joondalup
  • Cannington
Choosing and shopping at the ball dress shop
Depending on how far ahead of time you shop for your ball dress, you can cluster all of the ball gown stores you want to visit in one day or weekend so that everything that you have browsed and tried on is still fresh in your mind.
Whilst this is great if you reside in the farther suburbs and traveling into Perth for a short while, you may find it to be a bit exhausting and in some cases overwhelming seeing so many dresses in a short span of time. You can also spread your ball dress shopping to visiting a few stores each weekend if you don’t want to try to visit all in one hit.
ball dresses perth envious bridal formal
Exclusive Formal & Ball Dresses Collection By Envious Bridal & Formal
When you do select the formal/ball dress shops you intent to visit, it is important to remain focused with the styles that you are comfortable with and like. Shopping for ball dresses is pretty exciting when you see so many amazing formal gowns all at once which can easily distract you from your ultimate objective – to find your perfect ball dress within your budget.
During peak ball dress shopping seasons which run between the months of October to January, the ball gown Perth shops can get rather busy and the formal dresses/ball gowns selling out quite fast. If you have a specific ball dress that you love, it’s a good idea to call the store ahead of time before you visit them to check of the availability. It’d save you a trip if they don’t have it in stock and they can tell you if and when the next restock is.
All seriousness aside, shopping for your ball dress should be an enjoyable and fun experience! If you follow through with our above tips of doing some pre-shopping homework, established your budget and have an idea of what you want, the process will be so much more seamless and you’ll be sure to find your perfect ball dress in no time at all!
If you need help with selecting your dream ball dress, feel free to contact us so we can help you!
Did you know that we also offer custom made ball dresses? What that means is that we can make your ball dress from scratch for you. This is a fantastic option if you can’t find anything that you like at other stores or if you want something specific or…if you want a ball gown that is truly unique to you that no one else will have. Make your inquiry here.
Happy shopping!

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