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Styling Tips: Simple Wedding Dresses

Simple Wedding Dresses For The Minimalist Bride

Are you a bride that just loves the minimalist style? You are after a wedding dress that speaks of refined elegance, beauty and sophistication?

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Contrary to belief, a simple wedding dress can truly make a big statement on your wedding day. The beauty and charm of a simple wedding dress is usually the derivative from luxurious fabrics and clean silhouettes that come together to create an effortlessly refined, modern bridal gown that is easy to wear and looks ravishingly gorgeous.

Some brides steer away from simple wedding dresses because they believe or perhaps their bridal party, family members and friends may have pitched advice that a simple bridal gown is just “too plain” for the bride on the most special day of her life. But if you’re a badass bride that want to stay true to your minimalist roots, go ahead and opt for the simple wedding dress – however if you want to incorporate a bit more detail to jazz up the simplicity of a wedding gown, below are our top tips.

What type of wedding are simple wedding dresses suitable for?

  • Brides that love the simplicity and minimalist style
  • Brides that are having destination weddings – beach-side, resort, mountains, forest etc
  • Brides opting for destination elopement

Simple Wedding Dresses Styling & Shopping Top Tips

1. Think About Your Accessories

You will have your engagement ring but have you considered incorporating other jewellery pieces to wear on your special day? With your gown being a simple wedding dress, you will have a lot of leeway as to what type of accessories you can opt for without overwhelming the look of your wedding dress.

  • A statement crystal necklace would set off your look beautifully – against the clean and simple lines of your wedding dress.
  • A statement pair of crystal drop earrings and crystal bracelet will compliment your minimalist look.
  • A detailed and statement headband will give off a glam or boho style simple yet magical bridal beauty look.
  • Bridal belts and sashes are a great addition to your simple wedding dress that not only is a relatively easy addition but also a budget friendly option that can totally transform your bridal dress look. Many bridal stores hold a small range of bridal belts that can be purchased immediately.

It’s important to remember to carefully pick one or two accessory pieces to just elevate your simple wedding dress look without overwhelming your minimalist style.

2. Have A Statement Element On Your Wedding Gown

A statement element of your wedding dress can be anything that takes your dress to the next level including;

  • An intricate or interesting back detail
  • An elaborate train
  • 3D floral appliques strategically placed on the dress
  • A bridal bow or bow sash at the back of your dress
  • Bow attachments or cape style attached on your straps or at the shoulders

To keep your wedding dress in line with the minimalist style, it is important to only incorporate one statement element into your wedding dress look.

3. Opt For Mixed Fabrics

Incorporating two types of fabrics in a refined and classic silhouette can really       produce an amazing look for simple wedding dresses. For example, the    combination of lace and matte silk crepe fabric together is so heavenly with            your dress canvas being the silk crepe material and lace accents or trimmings to elevate your simple wedding dress look. The lace accents or detailing can be     anything at the bodice or even your dress’s hem.

With a simple wedding dress, if you’ve selected a fabric such as polyester satin      or matte silk crepe, the addition of soft tulle or organza such as an overlay over     your base canvas fabric can create a magical and ethereal look.

There are plenty of options to mix and match fabrics and you can customize          the fabric combination to really suit your own style and preference.

4. Choose A Dramatic Veil

If your wedding dress has a clean silhouette with minimal detailing on the bodice and skirt, you can opt for a dramatic veil to really give your bridal look that extra appeal. Your simple wedding gown serves as a gorgeous canvas and there are several different options for your veil including embroidered lace edging on the veil hem, floral appliques on the veil, multi layers or delicate tulle etc.

With a simple wedding dress, a statement veil can really be the absolute stunning finish to your bridal look. Furthermore, with your beautifully minimal dress canvas, you won’t be fighting for detail as opposed to a wedding dress that has a lot of detail and elements which thereby narrows down the design options of the veil.

Depending on your personal preference, a cathedral length veil with detailing can look absolutely breath taking against your simple wedding gown.

5. Ensure The Perfect Tailored Fit Of Your Wedding Dress

Regardless of what silhouette or what your wedding dress may look like, a perfect fit to your body is unquestionably a must to ensure you look very best. You could have an absolutely stunning wedding dress with all the details, bells and whistles and yet if the fit isn’t right for your body, you can bet that the dress won’t look as flattering on you as if you had it perfectly tailored to suit all your individual curves and bring out your best features. Furthermore, a well-tailored fit wedding dress will elevate your look to a much more refined and designer look than otherwise.

Simple wedding dresses are remarkably chic, elegant with a feel of modern fresh style that never goes out of style. Sometimes less is more - you can look incredibly beautifully with a simple wedding gown. Incorporate our tips mentioned above and you’re on your way to getting a beautifully dream simple wedding dress that will truly radiate your bridal beauty and style on your wedding day.

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Simple Wedding Dresses Under $1,000

If you’ve been shopping around at other wedding stores in Perth and haven’t quite found your dream simple wedding dress, get in touch with us and we’re ready to help you!

We can help you;

  • Design a simple wedding dress according to your requirements and style.
  • Provide you styling advice, fabric recommendations and overall consultation with your wedding dress.
  • Remake you a custom simple wedding dress based on a design that you may have seen elsewhere that you may not possible for you to buy it due to availability, lead time, cost etc.
  • Make a simple wedding dress in a short turnaround time (i.e 4-6 weeks) for the brides that requires a gown with short notice, eloping, can’t find a wedding dress at another bridal store or perhaps a mishap with ordering your wedding dress.
  • Get a custom designed and made wedding dress under $1,000.

Check out some of our exclusive designed and made minimalist style wedding dresses. If you love our design and wish to get the same design made in your size or make a few design modifications, get in touch with us.

Again, you’re also welcome to bring your own design which we can custom make the wedding dress to suit you perfectly.


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