NEWS UPDATE: 5% From All Sales Will Be Donated To Famine Stricken Children Charities | Envious Bridal & Formal

NEWS UPDATE: 5% From All Sales Will Be Donated To Famine Stricken Children Charities


It's Yen here on the Envious Bridal & Formal blog with a quick news update with our business.

Yen Tran Envious Bridal & Formal

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The lives of millions of babies in developing countries are filled with constant struggle. They must fight for their very survival every day, and often they lose that battle before it has even begun.

The situation is unimaginable. It must be like living a nightmare as the mothers are terrorized by their children’s cries, watching on helplessly as they waste away over the course of months because there is no food to feed the child.

It is an incredible tragedy to see babies and children in these famine stricken countries wake up starving yet go to bed, still be hungry. Children with so little nutrition, that from the moment they're born, they’re struggling to survive a mountain of disadvantages.

It’s a struggle to survive. It’s a hardship that no child should ever have to go through.

A mother would never want their child starving; they'd gladly sacrifice anything for. It’s probably their dream to be able to provide a proper feed for their children.

How humble and heart breaking is that?

It shatters my heart to imagine how these innocent little beings are suffering so immensely. As a mother myself, the crisis of famine and acute malnutrition in babies and children hits me on such a deep level.

We are so lucky and most of the times we don’t even realize it.

It is important to take a step back, appreciate all that you have when in possession of more than what someone else has been deprived of.

We are all given a chance at life, yet some have it worse than others. We may not be able to save everyone but the least we can do is help wherever we can – even if that means saving just one person.

I think we are very fortunate and believe in giving back and supporting these communities.


Effective today, my business will donate 5% from all sales going towards charitable organizations that provide assistance to these children in need. This donation is ongoing, and it will continue indefinitely as long as we can.

envious bridal donation

You can feel good about buying from us because not only will you be doing something great for yourself, but every purchase helps support a cause that impacts others too!

I hope my business is able to provide a little bit of relief from the unfortunate circumstances these babies and children find themselves in through this initiative.

 Yen Tran

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