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Need A Last Minute Wedding Dress In Perth? Read On

Some brides plan long in advance the purchase of their wedding dress and whilst most bridal stores recommend ordering your wedding gown 6-8 months in advance of your wedding date, there are many reasons as to why you’re a bride needing a last minute wedding dress.

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The CoVid-19 pandemic caused an abrupt and unexpected halt to many brides who had planned a 2020 wedding with many bridal stores being unable to deliver the wedding dresses that had been ordered for the brides. Furthermore, with the CoVid-19 restrictions being lifted for the state of Western Australia in July – many brides have planned for end of year 2020 weddings. Many bridal stores are still unable to work with the short lead time in getting in wedding dresses for the brides, which can cause addition stress for brides.

While it may seem like a huge (and almost impossible) task to get a wedding dress last minute that you will love, you actually have many options as long as you’re willing to be flexible and comprise a bit.

We will be sharing general information as to what you can expect at other bridal stores as well as what we can do for you as we pride ourselves as being a little bit progressive to the typical bridal shop.

1. Be Open Minded & Flexible With Your Last Minute Wedding Dress

Don’t stress…remain calm – you will be able to find a gorgeous last minute wedding dress that would suit you nicely and within your budget. Maybe you may not get the exact wedding dress that you have always envisioned you would get married in, but you could probably get pretty close. For example, you may be after a heavily beaded and highly detailed wedding dress but considering the limited time frame, you may have to opt for a style that is similar but with a little less than what you originally wanted.

2. Off The Rack Wedding Dresses

Not all bridal stores offer off the rack wedding dresses but the stores that do will likely have only a small collection, meaning that you will be a bit limited with choice. You can try to call around to the stores first and ask them the type of wedding dress styles and sizes available that they have off the rack to give you an idea. This would help save you time as you would only go out to the stores that have availability of bridal dresses that you are looking for.

3. Sample Wedding Dresses

Many bridal stores have a selection of sample wedding dresses for sale that comprise of last or a few seasons old wedding gown styles or discontinued styles. These bridal gowns are usually used in store as sample dresses for other brides to try on so you can expect to see some wear and tear or imperfections on the dress. If you are willing to overlook these and forgo an absolute flawless gown, you can bag a pretty good price for some of these dresses and of course be able to take the dress home with you immediately.

With the issue of wear and tear and imperfections, some wedding dresses may be far from pristine condition as it may be been tried on many times so you may have to consider getting your gown professional cleaner before wear.

If your dress has some dressmaking imperfections such as beads missing or falling off, rips etc, a local seamstress or tailor can help you out with this.

Generally sample wedding dresses may not come in your exact size so you will need to factor in alteration costs on top of your dress price. The sample size is usually 12-18 and if you fall within this size bracket, you may be in luck. That said, even though the dress may fit you, you may still need some final alteration tweaks to fit you perfectly.

If you have found a sample gown that you love but if you need to get it altered down by several sizes, be aware that it may not look what you had envisioned due to the dress shape and silhouette change. Furthermore, if the dress has a lot of beading and embellishments that require alteration work to rework the style, it may add a lot more to your overall cost.

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4. Rush Wedding Dresses

Some bridal stores (and also depending on the designer of the dress) may be able to order in your wedding dress within a shorter lead time, but you would have to pay the additional charges of getting a “rush order” wedding dress. The standard recommended time frame to order your dress and for it to arrive in store at most bridal shops is anywhere between 6-9 months. The “rush order” usually applies for wedding dresses ordered with a 3-4 months’ notice.

The rush order fees depends on how “rushed” your dress order is but usually accounts for anywhere between 10-30% of your dress price.

That said, even though you are willing to pay the rush fees for your dress to be ordered in quickly, some designers may not accept the order if it is less than their specified rush turnaround time.

5. Order Online A Ready-Made Simple Wedding Dress

If you are a minimalist kind of bride or prefer more simple wedding dresses, you can likely get a wedding dress online within a very short time frame. The only downside is that you can’t see the dress in person or try it on before you buy - but if the store has a return policy and you’re willing to take this route, then you’re on the road to getting a wedding dress.

The only issue with this is that if you are a bride that wants a more "bridal" look kind of wedding gown with such details as intricate lace, details etc, it might not be possible with online websites.

6. Buy A Second Hand Wedding Dress

If you’re not opposed to wear a pre-loved wedding dress, you can search online at websites such as Still White or Facebook Marketplace or Bridal/Wedding Facebook groups that have no shortages of brides selling their wedding dress or even unworn gowns.

Remember that second-hand gowns have usually be tailored or altered to fit the bride so sometimes it may not be possible to be re-altered to fit you. If possible, it is advised to leave yourself some time to get your alterations done to fit and suit you.

7. Rent A Wedding Dress

Some bridal stores will offer a rental service on their wedding dresses but bear in mind that renting a wedding dress will mean that you are not able to alter it to fit you so you may have to be flexible with trying a few different styles to find the one that suit and fits you best.

8. Getting Your Wedding Dress Made By A Local Dressmaker

Some dressmakers and professional tailors may be willing to take on the job of making you a custom wedding dress. Depending on your bridal gown style, the fabrics that can be sourced, the time you have until your wedding date and their skill level – this is a possible option that you can look into.

Generally speaking and based on the above options, you do have several options to consider – it comes down to how willing you are to take on the available options.

We have almost options enlisted above if you are a bride looking for a wedding dress last minute in Perth. We can offer you wedding dresses off the rack, or you can buy our sample wedding gowns or we can custom make you a wedding dress in a short time frame. Many brides are surprised of our standard short turnaround time to make a wedding dress (2-4 months) and we can even accommodate brides that in super urgent time frame 4-8 weeks out from their wedding date! Yes, there’s a lot that we can do for brides in search for last minute wedding dresses in Perth. Even if you are located interstate or international, we can surely help in some way.  

We also have in house bridal alterations with a very quick turnaround time so this gives you the confidence that your dress will be ordered in or made and altered to fit you perfectly before your wear date – taking the stress from the situation because, let’s face it, there are so many other things that you have to deal with as a bride and having wedding dress stress is absolutely no fun!

What can Envious Bridal do to help if I am looking for a last minute wedding dress?

Depending on how “last minute” your wedding date is, we can help in one of several ways.

1. We can offer you off the rack wedding dresses

  • We can offer you a great price off our normal retail selling price if you opt for picking an off the rack wedding dress. If you fit the size we have available, you are able to buy and take the dress home the very same day. If you need some alteration work to be done for your wedding dress, we have in house tailors that can do the alterations to fit you perfectly. Depending on what the alteration work entails – the average time for our bridal alterations to be completed is 1-2 weeks.

2. Re-order/re-make a wedding dress from our bridal collection

  • If you love one of our wedding dress designs from our bridal gowns collection and your size is not available, we are able to remake the dress for you if your wedding date is least 8-12 weeks away. With this, we also offer you the choice to customize the dress with minor design changes to suit your style and preference (i.e strap change, neckline modification, additional details added or removed, train lengths etc). Browse the bridal collection here.

3. We can custom make you a wedding dress

  • If your wedding date is at least 8-12 weeks away, we can also offer you our custom made service of your wedding dress. You can bring in a wedding dress design of your choice and we can make the custom wedding gown for you within the specified time frame. We will discuss with you in detail as to when your dress will be completed based on your wedding dress design. For minimalist to moderately intricate wedding gowns, we can make it within this time frame however for elaborate designs and gowns that entail a lot of detail and beading, we may need to reassess the time frame or alternatively, we can push your order to super priority – which will incur a higher rush fee than the standard rush fees. See our custom made process here.

So if you’re in need of a last minute wedding dress, don’t fret – we can help! Just let us know your situation and we're confident we can help you out somehow or offer you a possible solution to consider.

Get in touch with us to discuss further and see what your options are with us.

Our quick lead times and simple processes surely surprise brides – bringing you that beautiful wedding dress that you had envisioned but thought you wouldn’t be able to get!


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It is Collette Dinnigan, worn once of course and dry cleaned. Thank you so much.


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