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Finding The Perfect Plus Size Black Wedding Dress For Your Style & Body

Break free from convention, celebrate your unique individuality, and let your true self shine on the most extraordinary day of your life!

Uncover the reasons for the modern plus size bride’s preference for the captivating allure of a black wedding dress, setting aside the traditional white gown in favour for the exquisite mystique and making a bold bridal statement.

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, commitment, and a beautiful journey together with your significant other. As a bride-to-be, this extraordinary occasion is your moment to shine, and finding the perfect wedding dress is a key part of that journey.

We believe that the journey and process of finding your perfect wedding dress should be just as wonderful.

If you’re a bride who dares to be different, who wants to break free from convention and make a bold and elegant statement on your special day, enter the enchanting world of black wedding dresses for plus-sized brides.

In a world where bridal fashion has evolved to embrace diversity, you can celebrate your individuality, style, and body in a way that was once unimaginable. The traditional white gown, though timeless and classic, is no longer the only option. Instead, the allure of a plus-size black wedding dress beckons, promising elegance, sophistication, and a sense of empowerment that transcends colour.

Why Choose A Black Wedding Dress?

While white or ivory gowns have been the norm for centuries, the modern bride is rewriting the rules. Today, brides are looking beyond tradition to express their individuality and style on their wedding day. The black wedding dress is gaining popularity with many plus-size brides because it offers a unique, flattering, and elegant way to do just that.

black wedidng dresses and white wedding dresses custom made envious bridal & formal

When you look at these two wedding gowns, do you just gravitate towards the modern beauty of the black bridal gown?

Symbolism and Significance

The choice to wear a black wedding dress is about more than just the colour. It's a statement of individuality and a break from the expected.

Breaking tradition: White wedding dresses symbolize purity and innocence. By choosing black, you're embracing a bold departure from tradition, declaring your love story to be unconventional and uniquely yours.

Timeless Elegance: Black is a colour that never goes out of style. Your wedding day is a timeless moment, and a black wedding dress ensures that your photos remain classic and beautiful for years to come.

Embrace Individuality: The modern bride values self-expression and embraces her unique style. A black wedding dress is an opportunity to showcase your personality and stand out on your special day.

Plus Size Wedding Dress Advice

The journey to finding the perfect wedding dress is an exciting and emotional experience for every bride. However, for plus-size brides, the process can come with its own set of challenges. From navigating limited options in bridal stores to dealing with societal expectations, finding the dress that makes you feel confident and beautiful is crucial.

Understanding Body Positivity:

Before immersing yourself in the enchanting world of black wedding dresses, it's crucial to foster a mindset of body positivity. Irrespective of your size, every bride deserves to radiate confidence and beauty on her wedding day.

Start this wonderful journey by acknowledging and celebrating your body for the incredible things it has accomplished. Surround yourself with positivity by seeking inspiration from body-positive influencers, enlisting the support of understanding friends and family, or engaging with online communities that embrace and celebrate the diversity of body types. Embracing your unique beauty is the foundational step towards finding a wedding dress that not only complements your figure but also accentuates your self-assured radiance.

Setting Realistic Expectations:

The wedding dress industry has changed to be more inclusive, but it's important to be realistic, especially for unique requests like a plus-size black wedding dress. Not all bridal stores in Perth may have a wide range of plus-size dresses, and finding a black gown in plus size could be almost impossible to find.

But don't feel discouraged by this. Instead, we encourage you to stay positive and patient. Understand that looking for a plus-size black wedding dress might mean exploring different options, like getting a custom-made gown to align to what you are hoping and looking for your perfect wedding dress. Creating a custom dress allows you to design every part of the dress to fit your body shape and your specific bridal style and preferences.

Why Choose A Custom Made Black Wedding Dress For Plus Size Brides?

Choosing to get a custom-made black wedding gown opens a world of possibilities.

Collaborating with a skilled designer can bring your vision to life, creating your dream wedding dress that aligns with your vision but also reflects your unique style. This personalized approach goes beyond the limitations of ready-made options that might not cater to your curvier body shape, and it ensures a wedding dress that perfectly embodies your design aspirations.

The process of getting a custom-made black wedding dress provides you with the chance to explore different fabric choices and discuss design elements that capture your personal style. This collaborative journey transforms the hunt for a distinctive plus-size wedding dress into a rewarding and creative experience, where every detail is carefully considered and tailored to your preferences.

Moreover, choosing a custom-made gown ensures that the wedding dress is crafted to complement your specific body shape, addressing any fit and comfort concerns. This bespoke approach reduces the need for extensive alterations often required with ready-made options, providing you with a smooth and stress-free wedding dress experience.

While regular bridal stores might have few options for plus-size black wedding dresses, choosing a custom-made gown opens endless opportunities. By staying open-minded, patient, and excited about having a wedding dress tailored just for you, you can embark on an exciting journey to find the ideal black wedding gown. This personalized approach ensures a perfect fit and embraces your distinct style and preferences. It turns the quest for your dream gown into an empowering and fulfilling adventure, ensuring you walk down the aisle in a dress that genuinely reflects your uniqueness.

Research And Planning

One of the first steps in finding the perfect wedding dress is to do thorough research and planning. Start by browsing online bridal shops that specialize in plus-size dresses. Take note of the styles that appeal to you and the specific features you want in your dream wedding dress.

Create a realistic budget that includes not just the cost of the dress but also alterations, accessories, and any additional services you may need. Keep in mind that alterations can significantly impact the overall cost, so it's crucial to allocate a portion of your budget for these adjustments.

Trying On Wedding Dresses

Before scheduling consultations or appointments with your chosen dressmaker or store for your custom-made wedding dress, we recommend visiting your local bridal boutiques. Experiment with different wedding dress styles to discover what best complements your body shape and aligns with your personal preferences. Once you've gathered these details and pinpointed your preferences, you'll have all the information needed to engage more effectively with your dressmaker, streamlining the process of creating your dream wedding dress.

When trying on wedding dresses, prioritize comfort, ease of movement, and the boost in confidence it provides for you. Here are pointers for a successful wedding dress try on experience.

  1. Opt for minimal makeup, avoid perfumes, and steer clear of excessive tanning products: Minimal makeup allows you to focus on the dress rather than being distracted by a heavily made-up face. Strong scents can interfere with the overall experience, while tanning products might transfer onto the dresses, potentially causing stains or discolouration which some bridal stores have policies about these types of damages caused during wedding dress try ons. Furthermore, embracing a natural look ensures a clearer perspective on how the dress complements your features without any unnecessary distractions.
  1. Bring only a small group of supportive family or friends: Bring along only supportive friends and family who truly understand your style and preferences. Their insights can be helpful as you make decisions. Having a supportive crew who understands your style and preferences means you'll get helpful advice and guidance, making it easier to choose what matches your vision. Before your dress try-on appointment, be sure to check with the bridal store how many extra guests you can bring, as different stores might have different rules about that.
  1. Walk and move around: It's important to ensure that your wedding dress permits comfortable movement. This not only provides insight into how the dress will appear and feel on your big day but is especially vital for brides planning destination or outdoor weddings. Comfortable movement helps prevent unexpected issues, like potential snags or challenges with the dress's fabric at the wedding location.
  1. Necklines: Exploring different necklines can greatly influence how a dress looks overall. Try out various styles like sweetheart, V-neck, or off-the-shoulder to discover which one complements your body shape best. Necklines play a pivotal role in accentuating certain features and creating different vibes, so experimenting with these variations will help you pinpoint the style that enhances your figure and brings out the best in your appearance.
  1. Sleeve options: Based on our experiences, numerous plus-size brides have shared concerns about their arms. When selecting a wedding dress, consider designs featuring sheer long sleeves, varied sleeve lengths, or different sleeve types. Alternatively, explore accessories like boleros or wraps. Experimenting with different sleeve options allows you to find the most flattering choice that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Whether it's embracing sheer sleeves for an elegant touch or choosing specific lengths and styles, finding the right sleeves can enhance your overall bridal look, alleviating any concerns about your arms.

Choosing The Right Dress Silhouette

When it comes to selecting the perfect wedding dress silhouette for plus-size brides, it's essential to factor in individual preferences and body shapes while also addressing specific body concerns and emphasizing favoured features.

Understanding your unique body shape and what makes you feel confident and comfortable plays a crucial role in finding a silhouette that flatters your figure.

Additionally, considering elements like neckline, sleeve style, and fabric can further enhance the overall look and feel of the dress, ensuring that it accentuates your best features and provides the desired level of comfort on your special day. Consulting with bridal fitting experts and trying on various styles can help in discovering the silhouette that not only complements your body but also resonates with your personal style and makes you feel incredibly confident on your wedding day.

Certain wedding dress silhouettes tend to flatter various figures:


The classic A-line silhouette is renowned for its universally flattering design. It delicately drapes over the body, highlighting the waist and then gently flares out, creating a graceful and well-proportioned appearance that suits a wide range of body types.

It's ability to accentuate the waist while providing a subtle flow outward adds an elegant touch, offering a balanced and harmonious look that many plus size brides find flattering.

This silhouette's versatility makes it one of the most popular choices, as it beautifully complements various shapes and sizes (especially brides who are plus sized), providing a sense of elegance and comfort for plus sized brides on their special day.

A line black wedding dress custom made dressmaker Perth Australia Envious Bridal & Formal

Black A Line Silhouette Wedding Dresses

One of the most popular silhouettes for brides due to it's highly versatility to suit, flatter and compliment a range of different body shapes and sizes.

Ball Gown

Despite the misconception that plus-sized brides should avoid bottom-heavy or voluminous wedding dress silhouettes to prevent adding perceived "bulk" to curvier body shapes, the truth is that these brides can look incredibly stunning in regal silhouettes like a ball gown.

The ball gown silhouette boasts a fitted bodice paired with a voluminous skirt, creating a stunning, princess-like appearance.

This silhouette is known for its ability to accentuate the waist while elegantly concealing the lower body, making it a sought-after choice among plus-size brides aiming for a royal and glamorous aesthetic. It’s structured bodice highlights the curves while the full skirt gracefully drapes over the hips and thighs, providing a sense of grandeur and sophistication.

For plus-size brides, the ball gown silhouette offers a flattering silhouette, exuding an aura of elegance and confidence on their special day.

Black ball gown wedding dress custom made Envious Bridal & Formal

Black Ball Gown Silhouette Wedding Dresses

Regal, whimsical and the ultimate in bridal romance - the right design in this silhouette can look stunning on a plus size bride.

Empire Waist

The empire silhouette begins with a high waistline positioned just below the bust, creating an elongated look that gracefully flows over the curves.

This style is particularly favourable for brides seeking to divert attention from the midsection. By accentuating the area below the bust and then cascading gently over the body, the empire silhouette creates an illusion of length, offering a flattering and slender effect.

It’s flowing design skims over the waist and hips, providing a comfortable and elegant fit while drawing the eyes upward. Ideal for those wishing to minimize focus on the midsection, this silhouette offers a chic and sophisticated look that complements various body shapes with its graceful and flattering  design.


The mermaid/trumpet silhouette gracefully hugs the body from the bodice to the knee before gently flaring out, accentuating the natural curves.

It's a flattering choice for plus-size brides aiming to highlight their curves and create a sleek, elegant look. However, ensuring comfortable movement is essential when opting for this style.

While this silhouette beautifully accentuates curves and offers a striking, form-fitting appearance, it's imperative to ensure the design allows for comfortable movement. If you anticipate a lot of movement or plan to have your wedding in locations like a beach with uneven surfaces, it's essential to feel at ease while walking in your dress.

Prioritizing comfort is crucial, especially if you foresee scenarios where mobility might be challenging due to the silhouette's fitted nature. This consideration ensures that you can confidently navigate various settings or terrains while feeling comfortable and elegant in your wedding gown.

This silhouette beautifully showcases curves while maintaining an element of sophistication, making it an appealing choice for brides seeking a sleek and alluring bridal look.

Mermaid black wedding dress custom made dressmaker Perth Australia Envious Bridal & Formal

Mermaid Silhouette Wedding Dresses

Form fitting to highlight and accentuate your curves, don't believe it when you're told you can't wear a mermaid/trumpet silhouette gown with your curvy figure.


The sheath/column silhouette elegantly follows the body's contours without excessive volume or flare.

This streamlined style is ideal for plus-size brides seeking a refined and understated appearance.

Unlike fuller silhouettes, the sheath silhouette maintains a sleek and straight design, providing a clean and sophisticated look. Its minimalist yet chic nature offers a graceful and figure-hugging fit, making it an excellent choice for plus brides who prefer a more subtle and refined aesthetic.

The silhouette's simplicity allows for a timeless elegance, showcasing the natural curves while offering a sense of sophistication and poise for the bride on her special day.

Understanding Fabrics And Details

The fabric you select for your wedding dress significantly influences its overall look and the comfort it provides while being worn. Plus-size brides have specific fabric options that not only flatter but also ensure comfort, allowing you to feel your absolute best on your wedding day.

Here are several popular fabric choices that cater well to diverse body types:


Chiffon wedding dresses tailored for plus-size brides are celebrated for their remarkable attributes. Renowned for its ethereal and weightless quality, chiffon possesses a graceful drape that beautifully complements various body shapes, resulting in an elegant and flattering silhouette. This fabric has a remarkable ability to gently cascade over curves, offering a sophisticated and flowing appearance that accentuates the bride's figure in an incredibly flattering manner.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, chiffon's airy and lightweight nature contributes to exceptional comfort, making it an excellent choice for extended wear during wedding ceremonies and celebrations. It’s breathable quality allows for ease of movement, ensuring that plus-size brides feel at ease and unrestricted throughout their special day.

Chiffon wedding dresses tailored for plus-size brides exemplify both style and comfort, making them a popular choice for those seeking a gown that seamlessly combines gracefulness with a relaxed and comfortable fit for their wedding festivities.


Lace fabric in wedding dresses tailored for plus-size brides offers a multitude of advantages owing to its delicate and adaptable nature. This versatile fabric can be employed as an overlay or in intricate patterns, adding a layer of exquisite texture and elegance to the gown.

One of lace's exceptional qualities lies in its ability to enhance the visual appeal of the dress while accommodating various body shapes. Whether used as an overlay across the entire gown or strategically placed in details and patterns, lace effortlessly complements curves, creating a flattering and graceful silhouette for plus-size brides. Its flexibility allows it to conform to different body contours, ensuring a comfortable and accommodating fit without compromising on style.

Furthermore, the intricate designs and patterns of lace add a timeless and romantic allure to the wedding dress, elevating the overall bridal aesthetic. It’s inherent charm and versatility make it an excellent choice for plus-size brides seeking a gown that exudes sophistication and beauty while offering flexibility and comfort.

black bridal lace for wedding dresses custom dressmaker

There are so many types and designs of lace to align with your vision and personal taste.


One of the remarkable qualities of tulle lies in its capacity to produce a whimsical and ethereal appearance which is perfect for the plus size bride that loves this look without compromising on comfort.

Tulle stands out as a favoured fabric for wedding gowns for plus-size brides who love a whimsical or romantic bridal look. This fabric is loved for its unique ability to offer structural support and volume without burdening the gown's weight.

Widely used in creating skirts and overlays, tulle contributes to the creation of a visually striking yet lightweight gown. It’s fine and airy texture lends a dreamy quality to the gown, allowing for graceful movement and a sense of delicacy. Despite its voluminous appearance, tulle remains forgiving and comfortable, providing ease of mobility without compromising on style or elegance.


Organza is a fabric that is similar to chiffon but has a bit more body. It's great for wedding dresses - especially for plus-size brides, as it strikes a perfect balance between giving the dress some structure while still feeling very light. This fabric boasts a unique quality—providing a structured appearance while remaining remarkably lightweight.

Its slightly stiffer texture compared to chiffon allows organza to hold its shape more prominently, contributing to a gown's overall structure. Despite this added body, organza retains a graceful and airy quality, ensuring comfort and ease of movement for the wearer.

One of the standout features of organza is its suitability for layering, allowing designers to create depth and dimension in bridal gowns. Its translucency enables beautiful overlays and intricate detailing, adding layers of sophistication and elegance to the dress.

Moreover, organza's ability to hold various shapes, from subtle flares to dramatic silhouettes, makes it a versatile fabric choice. Its versatility extends to its compatibility with embellishments and embroideries, enabling designers to create ornate and refined looks for plus-size brides.

Overall, organza serves as an excellent choice for brides seeking a gown that balances structure with a lightweight feel. Its capacity to add sophistication through layering, intricate designs, and the creation of beautiful silhouettes makes it a desirable option for achieving a stunning and refined bridal ensemble.

Fabric Considerations Wrap Up

When selecting a fabric, consider not only its aesthetic appeal but also how it drapes over your body and enhances your comfort. The right fabric choice can complement your figure, allowing you to exude confidence and beauty on your wedding day. Consulting with a skilled dressmaker or bridal consultant can also provide valuable insights and guidance in choosing the ideal fabric that suits both your style preferences and body type.

Accessorizing Your Look

Accessories serve as essential elements in finalizing your bridal look, contributing to your overall appearance. Be it a veil, headpiece, or striking jewellery, the right selection of accessories has the power to elevate your bridal ensemble.

When considering how to accessorize your wedding dress, keep in mind the following tips;


Selecting the right veil, considering its length and style, can truly transform and complete your bridal look, seamlessly blending with your wedding dress and adding that finishing touch of sophistication.

A cathedral-length veil, known for its graceful trailing effect, has the power to infuse your ensemble with grandeur and drama, making a striking statement.

Conversely, a shorter veil tends to evoke a subtler yet refined appearance, delicately complementing the dress without overshadowing its beauty.

The art lies in finding that perfect balance where the veil enhances the overall aesthetic, harmonizing elegantly with your wedding gown to create a captivating bridal allure.


From stunning tiaras to dainty hairpins, there's a wide range of headpieces to choose from, offering plenty of options for your bridal look. When selecting a headpiece, aim for one that not only matches your hairstyle but also adds a special touch to your overall appearance on your big day.

Consider details like the design's intricacy, how well it blends with your entire look, and if it reflects your own personal style.

Think about how the headpiece will fit into your hairstyle, whether you prefer something subtle or a statement piece. Consider if the design complements your dress and other accessories, creating a harmonious and cohesive bridal ensemble.

Are You Ready For Your Plus Size Custom Made Black Wedding Gown?

black wedding dresses for plus size brides Perth Australia

We are your custom dressmaker - let us turn your bridal vision into a real life!

For plus-size brides struggling to find their perfect wedding gown, especially those looking for non-traditional colours like black that match their style and body shapes, going for a custom-made black wedding dress can be an absolute game-changer.

The journey towards a custom gown offers many benefits, notably catering to your specific preferences and unique measurements. A custom-made black wedding dress provides an opportunity for personalization, ensuring a perfect fit that accentuates and embraces the beauty of your plus size body in the best way possible. It’s a dress made just for you, celebrating your unique style and curves.

Choosing a black wedding dress allows for a departure from traditional norms, expressing your individuality and confidence while making a bold and striking statement on the most important day of your life.

As a plus-size bride, navigating the world of wedding dress shopping might raise some understandable reservations. We empathize with those concerns completely!

That's exactly why we're here—to genuinely hear and understand your apprehensions, and to collaborate with you on an personal level.

Our aim is to assist in materializing your unique vision, alleviate any worries you might have, and collectively craft the perfect wedding dress that aligns with your dreams.

Let's unite our efforts; allow us to assist in supporting your wedding dress aspirations and bringing them to life in a stunning reality!

Custom Made Black Wedding Dresses For Plus Size Brides

As a soon-to-be bride, your mission is for a wedding gown that reflects your unique persona and encapsulates the essence of your love story. At Envious Bridal & Formal, our team understands the profound importance of this momentous occasion, committed to ensuring that your bridal gown is brought to life to reflect your dress dreams.

We take immense pride in our artistry in the domain of tailor-made bridal dresses. When you work with us, you embark on a collaborative journey where your visions and preferences take precedence. Be it an unconventional hue – such as black, a particular design, or an unique fabric, we are here to fulfill your aspirations.

Your quest for the perfect wedding dress culminates in a creation that is genuinely unparalleled.

Your wedding gown will symbolize your individuality, embodying your unique style. Every seam and intricate detail is infused with our unwavering dedication to creating a wedding dress that is exclusively yours.

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