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Slicker Than Your Average - African Bridesmaid Dresses

Bright, bold and statement making African bridesmaid dresses to totally match your bridesmaid's personalities and reflect your colourful preferences.

If you’re a bride living in Perth or around in different states in Australia, you probably would’ve had a bit of a hard time finding bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids – especially if you have colours or fabric patterns in mind to fit with your cultural requirements or preferences.  

We appreciate and love cultural customs and it is incredibly interesting to hear and see the different traditional elements interweave into modernity.

What we adore about African bridesmaids' attire is the bridal party's contrast to the bride, whose outfit is often bright, lively, and vivacious. This creates a fun and cheerful mood, perfect for celebrating an incredibly happy occasion as your wedding!

We rounded up some gorgeous African bridesmaid dresses from around the web to inspire you.

To start off with, we showcase bridesmaid dresses that we custom made for an African bride - Harriet, and her bridesmaids.

African Bridesmaid Dresses Inspiration

custom made african blue bridesmaid dresses envious bridal & formal

custom made african baby blue bridesmaid dresses envious bridal & formal

custom african light blue satin bridesmaid dresses envious bridal & formal

custom made silk satin blue bridesmaid dresses envious bridal & formal

This gorgeous dress is based off our "Adrielle" tie up back silk crepe formal gown. The fabric is our signature and luxurious silk crepe fabric in colour #21.


beige african bridesmaid dresses custom made

Photo credit: Instagram/@wedding_mirror

So effortless, classic and sophisticated - a nude or beige hue is mostly a universally flattering colour against most skin tones - African skin tones included.


light pink african bridesmaid dresses

Photo credit: Pinterest

Soft or pale pink is the perfect in between colour if you don't want to go for the nude or beige side yet don't want to go fully vibrant pink.


satin rust colour african bridesmaid dresses Photo credit: Instagram/@wedding_mirror

For a modern touch, satin bridesmaid dresses is highly versatile with different styles to suit your individual preference. A bronze or rust colour looks almost fluid like against African skin tones - beautifully complimenting your skin hue.


light lilac purple african bridesmaid dresses

Photo credit: Instagram/@wedding_mirror

Always gorgeous and so feminine, a lilac or light purple colour in any fabric with a sheen flatters chocolate skin tones so gorgeously. 


plum african bridesmaid dresses

Photo credit: Pinterest

If you have a mixed bridal party, a dark yet universally flattering colour such as burgundy, plum or maroon can look fabulous for all your girls.


royal blue african bridesmaid dresses

Photo credit: Pinterest

An absolutely stunning, vibrant and classic colour is royal blue or cobalt blues. It's one of those colours that looks good in just about any fabric and you just almost automatically feel like a star when you wear a dress in this colour.


baby blue african bridesmaid dress

Photo credit: Instagram/@wedding_mirror

If you prefer a blue shade on the lighter side of the colour spectrum, baby blue, powder blue or light sky blue is always a popular and flattering choice. What's more, light blue looks amazing in all the fabric options we have available.


charmeuse african bridesmaid dresses

 Photo credit: Instagram/@kimenaphotography

Chartreuse is an exceptionally gorgeous colour - a wonderful combination mix of green and yellow. This hue looks incredible against darker skin tones to create a complimentary contrast.


emerald african bridesmaid dresses

 Photo credit: Instagram/@wedding_mirror

A bridesmaid colour line up would not be complete without the ever flattering, ever stunning and the classic emerald green colour. This jewel tone looks amazing in a range of fabric types so you are not limited to certain materials.


white african bridesmaid dresses

  Photo credit: Pinterest 

White bridesmaid dresses can look incredibly sophisticated and classic within your wedding without taking the spotlight off you as the bride. After all, you are the queen of the night and no one can take that away from you. See it as that your bridesmaids are complimentary to your bridal beauty on your big day!


white african bridesmaid dresses custom made

  Photo credit: Pinterest 

White looks good on everyone. Easy choice and the colour is workable with so many different designs and fabrics.


custom made white african bridesmaid dresses australia

  Photo credit: Essence

Oh, slayed. Just slayed.


Where Can I Get African Bridesmaid Dresses?

Bridesmaid dresses can be difficult to sort out when you have something particular in mind - such as a particular design of dress, a specific colour or you have a certain type of fabric in mind. When combining all these together for your ideal bridesmaid dresses, it can get a bit difficult to find!

Our custom made service for bridesmaids enables you to combine some different dress design elements or be able to get a bridesmaid dress with a particular requirement in mind - whether that be colour, fabric or design as we have mentioned above.

With this custom made service, we can custom make your bridesmaid dresses based on your design preference. In other words, if you saw and like another bridesmaid dress elsewhere but not able to get it for whatever reason, we can make it for you.

We have our exclusive bridesmaid dresses collection which has been designed in house and made by our team of dressmakers. We offer you option to customize the designs within this collection to suit your girls perfectly as well as order it in a range of beautiful colours.

Are you ready to be the most stunning bride in town with your legion of best ladies supporting you on the biggest day of your life?

Get in touch with us to begin creating your bridal party look to glam your bridesmaids to the nines - after all, it is your wedding and this is a reflection of your own style and wedding ambience.


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Please contact us at sales@enviousbridal.com.au and we can discuss your requirements further.

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