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Real Bride: Sharna’s Non-Traditional Custom Made Black & White Wedding Dress

Sharna's dream of blending tradition with a modern flair in her wedding gown had been a long-held vision. We were delighted to bring her custom black and white wedding dress to life, turning her vision into a stunning reality.

How It Started

Sharna's journey with us began when she reached out, sharing her aspiration to create her dream wedding dress. She described her vision with enthusiasm, saying, "My dream has always been to have a black lace/ivory wedding dress. My colour has always been black, and I would love to have a dress on my wedding day that represents me." Sharna's unique and bold choice reflected her style and individuality.

Sharna had a compelling reason to bypass traditional bridal stores – the nearly non-existent availability of black wedding gowns and typically catering to the traditional white wedding gowns. With a clear vision in mind, she turned to her thoughtfully curated assortment of wedding dress ideas for inspiration. She was determined to find a wedding dress that truly represented her style and personality, and she never wavered in her commitment to this quest.

During our consultation appointment, Sharna's excitement was profound as we delved into the details of her vision. As she shared her ideas, design preferences, and expectations, we discussed how we could transform her dream dress into a reality. This filled Sharna with excitement, marking the start of a fantastic journey for both the bride and our team.

Shortly thereafter, we delved headfirst into the process. We carefully documented design specifications, gathered precise measurements, and officially committed to embarking on the exhilarating journey of creating her black-and-white bridal gown. Sharna's dynamic personality and unique vision remained our guiding inspiration throughout this creative endeavour.

Indeed, making dreams come true is at the heart of what we do. We take great pride in helping brides like Sharna turn their unique wedding dress visions into stunning realities.

The Original Dress Design

Sharna had come across a white wedding dress adorned with black lace accents that immediately captured her heart. It was a design she felt a strong connection to and one that she wanted to use as the inspirational foundation for her custom wedding gown. While the initial design served as an excellent starting point, Sharna had a clear vision of how to make it uniquely hers.

designer inspired black and white wedding dresses perth australia custom made

Sharna's inspiration wedding dress

“I like gown-style dresses that flow nicely but are not too puffy. I am after a V-neckline, long-sleeved dress, with a lace top and flowy bottom. I would love for the dress to have the lace pattern following all the way down the dress. I am open to the lace being any pattern if it can be black.”

Infusing her personal style and preferences, Sharna requested a set of distinct design elements that would breathe a truly unique and personalized character into her gown, perfectly reflecting her individual taste and desires.

1. Long illusion sleeves with black lace appliques

Sharna decided to have long sleeves, crafting long illusion sleeves that would gracefully cascade down her arms. These sleeves featured black lace appliques, adding a touch of elegance and incorporation of the black and white them to her overall look.

2. Plunge V neckline

Sharna was drawn to the idea of a deeper neckline and decided to transform the original sweetheart neckline into a plunging V-neckline. This bold move marked a striking departure from the traditional and often more modest necklines commonly seen in wedding gowns.

3. No waistband

In Sharna's vision for her gown, she wanted to omit a thick waistband to divert the eyes away from the waistline to create a seamless flow.

4. No train

While wedding dress trains can add an ethereal and majestic touch, they can also prove somewhat impractical for extended walks, photography sessions, and dancing during the reception. Sharna had her heart set on dancing the night away in her gown, so she made a practical choice. She opted for a train-free wedding dress, one that elegantly grazed the floor, ensuring minimal fuss and maximum movement for her wedding night celebrations.

5. Corset back

For a versatile and easily adjustable fit, a corset back was chosen over a zipper back. This not only offered a beautiful and romantic detail but also ensured that her gown could be fitted perfectly to her figure.

The Fabric

We presented Sharna with a range of beautiful lace appliques and lace trim options, allowing her the opportunity to carefully review and make her personalized choice from the available selection. This ensured that she had the creative freedom to pick the perfect lace elements that would beautifully complement her custom bridal gown.

Lace Trim

Sharna chose this lace trim, which is originally intended for white wedding dresses. However, we took on the process to dye the white lace applique black to make it perfectly suitable for her wedding dress, aligning it with her unique vision and style.

lace appliques for wedding dresses custom made

Lace appliques in white and dyed to black.

In Production Progress Photos

Allow us to take you behind the scenes for an exclusive sneak peek into the production process that marked the creation of Sharna's bespoke wedding gown.

The journey commences with meticulous attention to the very first stages of crafting Sharna's dream wedding dress. It all starts with an in-depth consultation to ensure that every design detail aligns perfectly with her vision. We work closely with Sharna to confirm every detail, from the choice of fabrics to the arrangement of lace appliques. This collaborative approach is the cornerstone of our process, and it's what sets us apart in creating truly customized gowns.

Once every aspect of the design is agreed upon and confirmed, we embark on the exciting task of selecting the perfect lace. Sharna's vision was brought to life by carefully hand-picking the lace that would bring her dress to life. This crucial step ensures that the gown's intricate details harmonize seamlessly.

Mock Up

Our dedication to precision and perfection is unwavering and the first stage in the production process is to create mock ups of the custom bridal dress.

These mock-ups serve as blueprints, allowing us to visually confirm that every element of the design aligns with Sharna's vision. They also provide us with the flexibility to make any necessary adjustments to ensure an impeccable fit and style.

lace appliques over tulle dressmaker bridal gowns

Lace applique over black VS ivory tulle colour to show the contrasting effect.

Throughout this creative process, we believe in constant communication by keeping Sharna informed and involved. To offer her a real sense of inclusion, we provide progress photos at different stages of production. These snapshots allow her to witness the transformation of her dream gown from concept to reality, fostering a deeper connection with her dress.

custom wedding dress mock up production envious bridal & formal

Custom wedding dress mock up prior to production.

Our commitment to the art of creating custom wedding gowns is a labour of love and an artful journey. We take great pride in turning our brides' dreams into beautiful realities, one carefully crafted step at a time.

Lace Layout

Our skilled dressmakers approach the next critical phase of the process with precision and dedication. They delicately arrange the lace appliques on the dress, taking great care to ensure that each piece is positioned flawlessly. This meticulous step serves two important purposes.

Firstly, it acts as a meticulous quality check, allowing us to assess the placement of every lace applique to guarantee that it aligns with Sharna's original design vision. Each element, from the intricate lace motifs to the delicate trims, is scrutinized to ensure it contributes to the overall aesthetic of the dress.

custom black wedding dress production Perth australia

Secondly, this stage serves as a pivotal moment in Sharna's involvement in the gown's creation. It offers her the opportunity to provide final confirmation and approval. Sharna's input is paramount in this process, as her preferences and vision are central to the wedding gown's creation.

We believe that involving our brides in these crucial decision-making moments not only ensures a deeply personalized garment but also fosters a strong connection between the bride and her custom made dress.

This collaboration and attention to detail ensure that every aspect of the bridal gown reflects Sharna's unique style and personality, making her custom wedding dress an exquisite and meaningful piece of artistry.

Production Photos

As we progress with the production of Sharna's custom wedding gown, every step is anchored in the precise specifications that were thoroughly discussed and agreed upon in collaboration with Sharna. Our dressmakers breathe life into her vision, and with each meticulous stage they complete, the gown evolves into a tangible work of art.

Throughout this continued production journey, we remain dedicated to translating Sharna's unique style and desires into a reality. Every thread and stitch is a testament to her individuality and personal touch. As the dressmakers work tirelessly, the gown takes shape, closely adhering to the design details and choices that were meticulously laid out during the planning stage.

custom lace bridal gowns perth australia envious bridal & formal

Our dressmakers bringing a vision to reality.

custom made plus size lace wedding dresses perth australia

In production stage photos to show each step.

The ongoing dressmaking process represents a beautiful metamorphosis, with Sharna's dream gown progressively coming to life, stitch by stitch. Our commitment to perfection and our dressmaker’s attention to every intricate detail ensure that the result will not only meet but exceed Sharna's expectations, making her wedding dress a true embodiment of her style and personality.

The Finished Production Photos

After months of thorough planning, and the dedication of our skilled dressmakers with production, we achieved a significant milestone – the completion of Sharna's beautifully crafted, custom-made black and white wedding dress.

This remarkable journey was marked by ongoing communication and collaboration. We shared progress photos with Sharna at different stages of production, allowing her to witness the dress's transformation and ensuring her continuous involvement in the creative process. These updates served as moments of anticipation, as Sharna eagerly awaited the creation of her dream wedding dress.

custom made plus size black and white wedding dress envisous bridal & formal

Bride's First Fitting

The moment we were all excited about, when Sharna's custom wedding dress would be worn for the first time, is typically a joyful and eagerly awaited experience. However, this time, it became a bittersweet reminder of what Sharna's special day could have been. Instead of a complete fitting, it was merely an opportunity to see the dress for the first time, without the chance to try it on and then take the wedding gown home.

In the delicate journey of life, we often can encounter unforeseen twists of fate that we never anticipated. Love, like the fragile petals of a blossoming rose, can sometimes be elusive and fragile. In the story we've shared together, our bride's dream of a custom-made wedding dress was a testament to her profound anticipation of a day that was meant to symbolize a lifetime of love, commitment, and happiness. Yet, life's mysterious turns can alter our destinies in the blink of an eye.

As we reach the conclusion of this chapter, we must acknowledge that, at times, the wedding dress remains neatly folded in its pristine dust bag, unworn and untouched. The dream that once shimmered in the bride's eyes is now a poignant memory, forever etched in the sands of time. The reasons behind her choice to forgo wearing her custom-made wedding dress are as individual and personal as her unique love story.

This is a story about being strong when things don't go as planned. It's about finding the courage to explore new paths when the one we thought was right suddenly changes. For her, the wedding dress she designed wasn't a symbol of her past but a sign of hope for her future.

As we contemplate the conclusion of this chapter, let's remember that life is a tapestry woven with threads of joy and sorrow, hope and despair, love, and heartbreak. Our bride's decision not to wear her wedding dress is not a sign of defeat; it's a testament to her resilience, her unwavering spirit, and her capacity to embrace a future full of untold possibilities.

While her dream black and white custom-made bridal gown may not have graced the aisle on the anticipated wedding day, it continues to stand as a symbol of her unwavering determination to chart her own path, to discover her happiness, and to let her dreams flourish once more. For her, the chapters ahead hold the promise of new beginnings, fresh adventures, and love stories yet to be written.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt support and empathy to our bride, who has navigated life's unexpected twists with grace and strength. The dream of a custom-made wedding dress remains an enduring reminder of her aspirations and desires, and we hope that in time, she will find the joy, love, and celebration she deserves. May her journey be filled with renewed hope, new dreams, and a future that shines even brighter than the wedding dress she did not wear.

To all our readers and brides-to-be, we encourage you to keep dreaming, keep loving, and keep believing in the beauty of life's unpredictable journey. Every twist and turn holds the potential for a new beginning, a fresh page, and a love story that is uniquely your own.

Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey through the world of custom-made wedding dresses, where each thread weaves a story of dreams and possibilities. We look forward to continuing to inspire and accompany you in your own bridal adventures and love stories in the chapters to come.

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