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Real Bride: How Grace Got Her Dream Custom Made Wedding Dress Across State Borders

Although physically located in a different state, the bride exhibits her trust in the custom-made process by confidently choosing to order a custom-made wedding dress online from Envious Bridal. 

Grace, like every bride, dreams of wearing a wedding dress that truly embodies her unique personality and style as she walks down the aisle. Despite residing in a different state, Grace's vision became a reality when she decided to choose a custom-made wedding gown tailored exclusively for her. In this blog post, we delve into Grace's experience as an interstate bride, sharing her remarkable journey of placing her trust in the online custom-made process, even though she wasn't a local resident of Perth, where Envious Bridal & Formal is based.

The prospect of purchasing a one-of-a-kind wedding dress online can be daunting for many brides, particularly when it involves a brand or store they haven't had the opportunity to personally engage with or visit. However, as the generational shift from traditional brick-and-mortar shopping to online shopping continues, more and more modern brides are embracing this trend with confidence. They are drawn to the advantages of flexibility, a wide range of options, and transparent processes that online shopping can offer.

Although it is completely understandable that some brides will always prefer shopping at a local bridal boutique, it is important to acknowledge that acquiring a custom-made wedding dress from an online or interstate bridal store can be just as exciting and rewarding in the end.

How It Started

A wedding is a momentous occasion in a person's life, and for nearly every bride, finding the perfect wedding dress is a paramount and incredibly important priority. Grace, an interstate bride, was no exception. She wanted a dress that would not only make her look beautiful but also make her feel confident and comfortable on her special day.

Embarking on her wedding dress journey, Grace's initial plan was to find a local designer and dressmaker in Canberra who could create a custom wedding gown for her special day. As Grace ventured deeper into her search, she came face-to-face with a disappointing reality – there were no viable options for a local designer or dressmaker in her local state.

Compounded by the COVID lockdown restrictions in place, traveling to Sydney or neighbouring states was not a possibility.

Aiming to have an Australian designer who could easily understand and bring her vision for the custom wedding dress to life, Grace was determined to support the industry during these challenging times. Although she had some reservations about venturing beyond her local area, she decided to take a leap of faith and explore the possibility of working with Envious Bridal in Perth.

"I was a bit uncertain at first," Grace admitted, "but it turned out to be the right decision." With a mix of hope and anxiety, she opened herself up to the opportunity of making her dream dress a reality, trusting that the distance wouldn't hinder the creative collaboration she wanted.

Having already begun her wedding dress shopping journey, Grace had explored various styles at local bridal stores. Her heart was set on a lace design that exuded both timeless elegance and a hint of modernity, blending tradition with contemporary flair. Equally important to her was finding a dress that offered exceptional comfort, allowing her to move gracefully and freely throughout her special day. To ensure her vision was accurately conveyed, Grace shared a couple of photos featuring a dress she had tried on that inspired her custom design.

The Original Dress Design

Grace's custom wedding dress was a recreation of a design she had encountered during her earlier visits to a local store. While the original dress had left her feeling "almost but not quite perfect," she saw an opportunity to refine it to her exact preferences. With a few minor design requests in mind, Grace set out to tailor the dress to her unique vision.

Her first adjustment involved transforming the open and low back into a more modest back cut-out that complemented her frame. This design modification ensured a perfect fit while adding a perfect touch of sophistication. Additionally, Grace decided to replace the mocha lining with a luxurious gold satin, infusing the dress with an elegant radiance that resonated with her personal style.

With meticulous attention to detail, the modifications made to Grace's custom-made gown perfectly encapsulated the essence of the original design that had captivated her initially. These design modifications not only showcased her individuality but also catered to her unique requirements.

The result was a dress that flawlessly embodied her dreams and aspirations for her momentous day. It was a creation that evoked a profound sense of joy and fulfillment from the custom process.

real bride custom made vintage lace wedding dress

custom made bridal gowns perth australia envious bridal & formal

The original wedding dress Grace tried on at a local bridal store which she said the dress is "almost but not quite perfect".

Grace’s custom lace wedding dress details are truly remarkable, as each piece is meticulously crafted by hand, from the initial stages of pattern cutting to the final stitch that completes the dress. This dedicated handmade process ensures that every dress is exceptionally unique and tailored to perfection. Now, let's get into the specifics of Grace’s custom wedding dress.

The Fabric

Enthralled by the captivating allure of the lace fabric in the original dress design, Grace wanted to recreate its charm in her custom gown.

The intricate patterns and the sheer "wow" factor of the lace had left an indelible impression on her. With a desire to infuse her personal style and complement her complexion, Grace incorporated subtle hints of gold tones into the lining of the dress. By combining these elements, she aimed to tailor the gown to her unique taste, creating a truly personalized masterpiece for her wedding day.

When it comes to custom-made dresses, brides often hope to get a fabric that closely captures their desired look. It's important to recognize that challenges can arise, such as limited fabric availability, proprietary designs, and sourcing limitations.

However, in Grace's case, she was delighted to discover that the lace we procured for her dress closely resembled the cherished original design she adored. This early success in finding a highly similar lace marked a wonderful start to her custom dress journey, infusing her with optimism for the rest of the process.

geometric lace custom made wedding dresses

Fabric sourced for Grace.

boho geometric lace custom wedding dresses perth

custom made wedding dresses fabric selection

Close up of the beautiful lace fabric.

The Sketch Concept

To proceed with the creation of Grace's bespoke wedding gown, our design team created a digital sketch that incorporated her specific design preferences. This allowed us to present an all-encompassing visual representation of the custom wedding dress, enabling Grace to provide her approval before advancing to the next stage of the dressmaking process.

custom wedding dress wedding gown sketches envious bridal & formal perth

Our digital sketch for Grace to help visualize the dress design and requested changes.

We place great emphasis on maintaining clear and effective communication between the bride and our team, as it is a pivotal aspect of the custom-made dress journey. Through regular calls, emails, and messaging, we engage in thoughtful discussions with Grace, exchanging inspiration photos, addressing any queries or concerns, and fostering a mutual understanding. Irrespective of the physical distance involved, open and frequent communication plays a vital role in transforming the bride's cherished vision into a tangible reality.

custom bespoke wedding dress sketches envious bridal & formal

The V back (left) was the original choice Grace had considered but after consideration decided to change to a round keyhole back (right).

Grace’s custom-made wedding gown featured;

  • Bateau neckline
  • Sleeveless
  • Low V sides under arms
  • Back cut out with closure
  • Gold lining over ivory patterned lace
  • Stretchable lace for comfort
  • Mermaid silhouette
  • Scalloped lace hem
  • Sweeping chapel length train

One of the most remarkable aspects of the custom-made process is the unique opportunity to witness and actively engage in every stage, from the initial concept to the final production, resulting in the creation of a truly one-of-a-kind dress. This journey is an exhilarating and deeply fulfilling experience.

Every custom-made wedding dress carries immense significance, as it undergoes a meticulous handmade process right from its inception.

It all begins with the precise pattern cutting, where each piece is carefully shaped to ensure a perfect fit. From there, skilled dressmakers meticulously bring the dress to life, dedicating themselves to every detail and stitch until the very last one is in place. This painstaking craftsmanship and attention to detail contribute to the creation of a dress that is truly exceptional and tailor-made to reflect the bride's unique vision.

The Finished Production Photos

Since Grace's custom-made lace wedding dress entailed an exquisite all-over lace design without any specific lace placements or embellishments, we were able to proceed directly to pattern cutting and dressmaking, bypassing the need for a mock-up.

This streamlined process allowed us to devote our full attention to meticulously crafting the dress, ensuring that every stitch and detail was executed with precision. By eliminating the mock-up stage, we were able to expedite the dressmaking process while maintaining the highest level of craftsmanship and attentiveness to bring Grace's vision to life.

Upon completion, Grace’s beautifully crafted custom wedding dress was carefully transported from the dressmaking studio to our dedicated photography room, where we aimed to capture its sheer beauty in all its glory.

In this specially designed space, we coordinated a professional photo shoot to showcase the dress from various angles, capturing its intricate details, exquisite fabric, and overall elegance. This stage allowed us to immortalize the dress's magnificence and create stunning visual representations that would serve as a lasting memory of the custom-made masterpiece.

Following the completion of the photo shoot, we promptly sent the final production photos of the dress to Grace for her review and approval.

It was with great satisfaction that we received her enthusiastic response, as she expressed her delight with the final product. Grace granted her approval, allowing the dress to proceed on its journey to our store, where it would await the special moment when she would finally get to wear and cherish her dream dress.

 bespoke custom made wedding dresses sydney perth australia envious bridal & formal

Grace's vision now a reality with her custom made wedding dress.

"The dress had exactly the wow-factor I wanted and it really felt like “my dress”. After trying on several dresses in stores, I felt like I had a good idea of what I liked but I couldn’t get it all in the one dress. Choosing to get a custom design meant I could have it all"

- Grace Hogan

The Bride's Big Day

australian bride custom made wedding dress envious bridal & formal

Preparation to make magical memories on her wedding day. 

custom bridal & bridesmaid dresses sydney perth australia envious bridal & formal

The beautiful bride and her bridesmaids.

custom made wedding dress sydney bride envious bridal & formal

 The bride and the groom making their grand entrance.

custom wedding dresses for sydney brides envious bridal & formal

The perfect wedding dress to match the beautiful outdoor venue.

"I have always loved going to weddings and experiencing all of the personal touches that people include. It’s a celebration of love, and you feel all the special things that make them unique as a couple. We had a backyard wedding on our property and my husband and I designed the whole thing. We collected couches, chairs and tables together for months; we dried flowers and put them in VB bottles, built our own arbor, and our best friend completed a six-month celebrant course so he could marry us. Getting a dress that was part of that vision was important to me."

- Grace Hogan

wedding dresses custom made for sydney melbourne brides envious bridal & formal

 From "yes to the dress" to "I do"

custom rustic wedding dresses envious bridal & formal

 Beautiful and comfortable for an outdoor wedding.

custom made wedding dresses melbourne australia envious bridal

 Celebrate the day away in a custom dress that you will forever cherish.

"I received so many compliments on my wedding day about my dress and felt beautiful. It met all my criteria, including – very importantly – being able to dance in it!"

- Grace Hogan

perth sydney brides custom wedding gowns envious bridal & formal

 So in love, celebrating the first of forever together.

Congratulations Grace!

The Bride's Feedback

 I’d heard about how expensive wedding dresses could be and was a bit nervous when I first looked at getting a custom gown. But the price was actually very similar to what I would have paid for something off the rack. The dress had exactly the wow-factor I wanted and it really felt like “my dress”. After trying on several dresses in stores, I felt like I had a good idea of what I liked but I couldn’t get it all in the one dress. Choosing to get a custom design meant I could have it all.

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