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I’m Yen, the founder of Envious Bridal & Formal.

I'm so glad you've found us!

Born in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, I moved to Perth when I was six years old. I’ve always had a love and fascination for fashion. Maybe I inherited it from my mother. She was quite the fashionista herself and she would often dress me up in adorable little dresses.

about us yen and mother

A younger me - and with my mother.

I didn’t always have the means to follow fashion but when I was able to, I had friends and strangers asking for styling advice, how to look fabulous with minimal fuss.

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, I understand and feel your pain.

Finding a wedding dress that you truly feel and look good in at the right price doesn’t happen overnight – neither is it easy.

In fact, it can get downright frustrating and stressful.

I know... because – I’ve been there myself. (Read more)

Booking in for an appointment took many weeks, and when I was finally booked in, finding that perfect dress I had envisioned was nearly impossible.

When I did find a dress that I remotely liked but asked to make slight design modifications, my request was denied or I was hit with additional costs – on top of the standalone sky high price of the dress.


I was a bride that felt left out of the bridal experience because I didn’t have an extravagant budget for my wedding dress.

I was tired of seeing the same types of dresses – nothing seemed to suit or fit my petite frame.

To top it off, the long lead times to get the dress into store just added more undue stress.

I thought about other ways to enable me to get a beautiful bridal gown at a sensible price.

Then the idea of getting my wedding dress custom made instilled a renewed sense of excitement - which came to a screeching halt when I was presented with the price quote.

I was a white-collar worker earning $1,400 a month and the price I was quoted to get a custom made wedding dress was equivalent to about five months of my monthly salary. I’ll leave you to do the math on that.

My hopes to get a beautiful dress for my special day were fast dissipating. 

What should be a fun and easy experience was a complicated, inflexible and a disheartening journey.

So I totally get it brides-to-be. 

The journey to the perfect dress...we're here to make it easy and fun for you!

I consider myself to have an entrepreneurial spirit which often leads me to look for innovative ways to do things.

So I launched Envious Bridal & Formal in 2018 because I believe there is a basis for a happier, easier and gratifying future for wedding dress shopping, and it’s built upon our solution to you.

We bring the talent of dressmakers and fabric vendors in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam direct to you so that you can create your perfect dress at an affordable price.

wedding dress factory handmade envious bridal

Our wedding dress workshops - where your dreams are being made.


Our Mission Envious Bridal strives to make each individual bride-to-be feel confident and empowered when deciding on their perfect wedding dress by bringing higher value through customization options, fair pricing and with the highest level of handmade craftsmanship.


It's very simple.

My team and I truly listen to what you want, curate your ideas and provide personalized consultation.

We will help you discover materials, textures, and styles that flatter your specific body shape and enhance your own natural beauty – offering you insights and guidance every step of the way.

We've established partnerships with highly talented dressmakers and top-quality fabric vendors in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This is the reason why we get such great results - because, like them, I am Vietnamese and can speak their language and understand their culture and work ethos.

The vendors we choose to work with understand and share our vision to deliver amazing dresses with more customization, faster turnaround time whilst being remarkably priced.

We believe in openness and transparency - so we will always tell you everything you need to know and outline any costs from the very start.

The end result is that we bring the expertise and access to beautiful wedding dresses by delivering a higher level of customization at radically fair and accessible price points.

Above all else, we are passionate about helping you get that truly remarkable gown at top quality without compromise.

Whether you are looking for your perfect wedding dress from our collection or want one custom made, our passion is to make the whole process easy, fast and fun!

bespoke custom wedding dresses australia envious bridal

Each dress is designed in house and made to perfection by our dressmakers.

custom made bridal gowns wedding envious bridal australia

Custom made perfection - intricacy and attention to detail is our specialty.


Be inspired to try new styles that compliment your body shape

Feel confident no matter what shape or size you are

Get a gown that is uniquely you

Feel safe and assured before buying

Get your dress made to perfection

Welcome to the world of accessible custom made premium wedding dresses, made just for you.

I do the work I do because I love it. I love the industry. I love the people I meet. I love to see the delight on bride’s faces when they try on our dresses.

When I’m not brainstorming ideas or huddled amongst the gowns, you’ll find me reading, online shopping, at the gym and chasing after my three small children.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you bring your gown vision to life.

See you soon!

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