Our Story

How We Started

Welcome to Envious Bridal & Formal. You've found the place to find a perfectly ethereal wedding gown for the most magical day of your life.

My name is Yen and I am the founder of Envious Bridal & Formal. Like almost every bride, I became a little overwhelmed with how to choose the perfect wedding dress. There were no Instagram to check out the variety out there, no Pinterest boards to curate wedding dress styles for inspiration and even trying to find a local Perth wedding dress store was difficult.

The bridal stores I did visit baffled me with the absurd price tags, long lead time required to order a dress and frankly, didn’t carry many gowns that knocked my socks off. It was then that I knew I wanted a custom made wedding dress. I know a thing or two about a bride’s frustration in the pursuit for the wedding dress that truly is a representation of “me”.

It wasn’t until many years later that I revisited the thought of custom wedding dresses again, but this time as a #girlboss bridal entrepreneur. The vision of starting the business was to change the way brides could acquire their dream wedding dress.

My mother and father in law are professional dressmakers and tailors so it made such perfect sense that our businesses should collaborate, and so we did. Together we became a small family run and owned business.

Nothing fancy, just everyday people working hard to pay the bills, nurture the business and provide customers our best offerings and services. We put our customers first, because your satisfaction and recommendations becomes the livelihood of our success.

We’re not backed by a bevy of investors and churning through customers to meet sales targets. Each and every customer is truly valuable to us which inevitably motivates us to provide the best possible experience for you from start to finish. We are here purely for you.

The Way We Think

The possibility of creating a unique wedding dress to perfectly encapsulate your personality and style is only limited to your imagination with our custom made wedding dress service. This service is where you take lead in the designer’s seat and we take a position alongside you to help you create a one off design wedding gown that is unquestionably gorgeous and uniquely you.

Our philosophy is to give brides more options when it comes to their once in a lifetime dress by delivering restored value through a higher level of quality, a custom gown that is actually affordable with no hidden agendas.

We aren’t the typical bridal boutique that endeavors to carry the largest and latest bridal designer collections. Instead, we design all our bridal gowns and formal dresses in house based off the mindset and inspiration of timeless elegance, beauty and refinement. We handpick all of our striking fabrics and have our dedicated team of artisan dressmakers that transforms our design vision into a unique piece of wearable beauty.

We strive to build our brand on the basis of uniquely beautiful and elegant wedding dresses with the quintessence of bohemian beauty instilled with modern glamour. We build our reputation on putting the bride first, listening and understanding her needs to provide her with the best possible personalised service.

We create custom wedding dresses that are actually affordable. Don’t settle. Don’t overpay. Custom made wedding dresses starting at $1,000 (you’re probably thinking “wow?!” right?)…get ready to embark on a once in a lifetime journey to create the most magical dress for your most special day. We can’t wait to tell you more.

Yen Tran, Founder


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