Bridal & Wedding Dress Alterations Perth

We have highly skilled tailors that can offer you professional service alterations at affordable prices for your wedding gowns, formal dresses and general garments. 

bridal and wedding dress alterations
We are a multi-service store here at Envious Bridal & Formal. If you are looking for professional, fast turnaround time and affordable wedding dress alterations in Perth, we can certainly help you.

Our professional tailors are ex dressmakers and have been in the alterations profession for over 30 years, so you are sure your beautiful garments are in good hands when it comes to getting that perfect fit or if you need some tweaking in your dress detailing or design.


We offer in house alteration services here at Envious Bridal & Formal. Whether you purchase a wedding gown from us or elsewhere at another bridal store, we can assist you with your bridal alterations at highly affordable prices, professional workmanship and fast turnaround time.   

Our bridal alteration specialists can help with common wedding dress alterations including;

  • Shortening of the hem
  • Bustle up the dress
  • Taking in/out the side seams at the bust, waist and hips
  • Shortening of the straps
  • Adding or removing bra cups
  • Adjustments to the dress neckline
  • Add sleeves to your existing dress

Our tailors can also help you with more elaborate bridal alterations such as;

  • Change the composition of your dress’s back – I.e change a zip up back to lace up back
  • Re-beading
  • Changing straps design
  • Redesign of your current dress


We also accept alterations for formal and ball dresses as well as general apparel alterations.

For formal and ball dresses, alterations are generally similar to common wedding dress alterations such as hemming, taking in/out the seams etc.

With over 30 years of experience, our tailors know exactly what needs to be done to make your dress the perfect fit to ensure you achieve the perfect look.


If you would like a quote for alterations to your wedding gown or formal dress, please bring your items to our store so we can see the actual dress and how it fits against your body to be able to determine exactly what needs to be done. This way we can give you an accurate quote based on the required alterations. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide over the phone quotes as verbal descriptions may not convey the full extent of the work necessary.