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  • Styling Tips: Simple Wedding Dresses

    Are you a bride that just loves the minimalist style? You are after a wedding dress that speaks of refined elegance, beauty and sophistication? Simple wedding dresses are the perfect bridal style for you. Read our styling tips and if you'd like a simple wedding dress made just for you, get in touch with us today.
  • Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses Perth

    Finding affordable bridesmaid dresses in Perth that suit your entire bridal party, falls within the allowable budget and the bridesmaid dress style that you want can be a tough gig. Balancing all these factors and the shopping around can be time consuming, disappointing and downright frustrating at times.

    If you are looking for affordable bridesmaid dresses in Perth WA, let us break it down as to how we can help you.

  • Where To Get Custom Bridesmaid Dresses In Perth

    The bridesmaid dresses make a statement alongside the bride and so it’s an important choice to pick a design that not only looks flattering on the bridesmaid but also ensure their comfort in the chosen style.

    However this is not always possible with off the rack bridesmaid dresses. This is the reason why we highly recommend getting your bridesmaid dresses custom made. Our custom bridesmaid dresses start from $250.00 and available in a range of colours, fabrics and options.